Success Stories

Some of our BT success stories. All placed in loving forever homes.

Since our inception, Boston Buddies has been able to rescue and place over 2000 Bostons. Unfortunately, we don’t have space to describe each and every one of them. Below are the stories of just a few of our adoptions.

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Malfie Adopted August, 2014

September 21, 2014 – Our friend, Judy Marks, introduced us to her favorite organization; Boston Buddies. She was always supporting them in amazing ways by fostering dogs, creating gorgeous tiles for their fundraising, plus donating her time to support their good work. Well, when she posted on Facebook the photo of her newest foster boy, Malife, with his little tongue poking out, my heart skipped a beat. It was love at first sight. I asked her to test him for cat friendliness and then get back to me. She tested him on 3 cats and he proved indifferent. Plus she told us he was also dog friendly, a good walker, a good listener, completely potty-trained, calm, cuddly, an excellent kisser, people friendly and healthy. What’s not to like?

We adopted him the following week. We were amazed that Boston Buddies took care of updating all his shots, they got his teeth cleaned, they had his chip updated, plus they had all his medical records in order. Our adoption price was about half of what they spent on him; not counting all the time and trouble!

He has lived with us for about a month now and we absolutely love him. We changed his name to Malfie. We walk to work together, everyone who meets him loves him and the best part of all is he and Pickles the cat are now able to walk past each other, indifferently. Thank you Boston Buddies!

10482496_10203799156557042_5709085761958711238_nBingo Adopted August, 2014
Hello, my name is Bingo. My foster mommy took this cute picture of me. I was found abandoned as a stray in Bakersfield, CA. I have been living with my foster parents since the end of June. I was very scared when I arrived after living in a shelter and a veterinarian’s office for many weeks.
My foster mom took me to get some surgery (fatty tumors removed from my side) and my teeth cleaned and I am feeling so much better. I am eating a drinking well and love lying out by the pool with Princess and Sophie (also Boston Terriers) and playing in the yard. I am a very loving boy, and my foster mom says I seemed to be house trained. I have only had one “accident” in the house. They have taken such good care of me and spoiled me rotten.
As my foster mom was writing this letter, she started to cry. She looked at me and said…”Oh my god Bingo, you ARE already in your forever home, I don’t think I can bear to see you go”. I jumped with joy because I really am so very happy here, and they love me to death and so does the entire Ridgway family. I am already friends with Zeus and Zena and Angel and Gidget (mini pins and Chihuahuas respectively).
Ms. Rachel, I am so well cared for here and my foster mommy and daddy didn’t mean to fall in love with me, but they did. Can they please adopt me? Pretty please? – Sincerely, Bingo Boy!
For more about Bingo’s Rags to Riches story, Click Here


Timmy adopted April 17, 2010

My name is Timmy and I got adopted. I like my new house because there are so many great places to lounge and relax with a nice chew bone. Thanks Boston Buddies for finding me a GREAT forever home!

Norman1Norman adopted June 3, 2009

Norman was turned in to a Los Angeles shelter in bad shape – skin and bones and he had a horrible case of mange. The shelter personnel knew about Boston Buddies and called them right away to come help Norman.


From Norman’s mom: Rudy and I just sat and stared at him when we first got home. Then Normie came and plopped down right next to us, fell asleep, started snoring… and both Rudy and I were in love. We love Normie and cannot imagine our lives without him. Thank you Boston Buddies!


Dixie adopted March 2, 2009

Dixie Belle came to Boston Buddies after her owner passed away and there was no one to take care of her. June and Pam opened their heart and house to Dixie in March 2009. Dixie stole June’s heart the first moment she met her. Within minutes Dixie was covering June’s face with the “exuberant” kisses described in her adoption bio as her only bad habit. As June states, “I knew immediately we were meant for each other.” Truly a match made in heaven for June, Aunt Pam and Dixie Lovebug.

Rex (with Kali) adopted November 14, 2009

Rex was surrendered by his owners to Boston Buddies because they could no longer care for him.

“Rex has been nothing but wonderful since he was brought into our life. He is the most well mannered dog and has the funniest personality. Bringing Rex into our home was a big step for us because we already have a female Boston who is so spoiled and runs the house! The first day Kali and Rex met we knew they were going to love each other. I am so glad we made the decision to adopt a second Boston Terrier….thank you Boston Buddies for placing such a wonderful dog with us.” –
Jayme, Ryan and Kali

Rosie adopted June 2008

Boston Buddies rescued Rosie from the shelter in Kern county where she had been dumped. Rosie was suffering from demodectic mange when she came to us from the shelter. Even though she had mange Rosie was a happy little girl who loved to play. Rosie was adopted by a wonderful family who gave her the tender loving care she needed and deserved.




Paddy adopted March 2008

Bugsie, our last Boston Terrier (also adopted from Boston Buddies) had died leaving my 89 year old mother alone and lonely. After 4 Bostons you miss their love, affection and playfulness leaving the house to seem empty. I contacted Boston Buddies to see if there was a dog for mom. Rachael, who was in charge of adoption for Boston Buddies was worried about my mom’s age and the spunkiness of the dogs available. Months went by and I had given up on a dog for mom when Rachael called. Paddy had arrived March 17th. She explained he had had a stroke and he was 9-10 years old. It didn’t matter to me. I was thrilled for mom to finally get a Boston. We went down a few days later to pick Paddy up and take him to mom. When we arrived my fiance took one look at Paddy and asked me what I was doing. “This dog is going to die any day now. He’s a dead dog walking.” It was true – he didn’t look very good. His left ear hung down to the middle of his head like a turn signal, he seemed to walk in circles to his left and he certainly didn’t respond when you called him and he had lots of medication he needed to take. Not the ideal situation for an 89 year old woman to take on. I thought about this for a minute or two and announced the decision. “He’s going to mom’s. They need each other.” Mom loved him at first sight. She didn’t care that he had had a stroke or what he looked like – he was a perfect dog to her. It’s almost a year later and mom still raves about her Paddy – their love affair is something to behold. They enjoy their walks together and he keeps her company following her where ever she goes. He no longer is on medication nor walks only to the left. His ear still is on the side of his head and it turns out he is deaf (and a few pounds heavier due to my mom’s love) but Paddy is the most wonderful and happy dog and he has given considerable joy to my mother. He is no longer considered “dead dog walking” which goes to show appearance can be deceiving.

Spencer (with Qualli) adopted June 2007

Spencer is an Italian Greyhound/Boston mix who was rescued from the Agoura shelter. Spencer spent time in two other adoptive homes before he was finally adopted by his current mom and dad. They just love him to pieces and cannot figure out how they got so lucky. Spencer’s mom sent us this recent photo of him with his buddy Qualli, a Mexican hairless dog, hanging out on the couch at home! We think Spencer is one handsome boy – he is actually “Mr. September” in the 2007 Boston Buddies Rescue Calendar! Spencer is planning on being at the upcoming Boston Tea Party in case you would like to meet him in person!

Stella (with Stanley) adopted April 2008

Stella was only 15 months old when she came to Boston Buddies after one of the other dogs she was living with in the backyard started beating up on her. When Stella arrived in rescue it was clear to us that she was a happy young Boston girl who loved each new day and wanted nothing more than to give Boston kisses and be a part of the family and live indoors like any proper Boston should! Stella met Stanley and knew right away that he was just her type of guy – Stanley loves life too!

Stella’s new family loves her to pieces and sent us this update: We adopted Stella in April of this year and she is just doing so well. Her and our other Boston Stanley are by far best friends. They sleep together, play together, eat together – everything. She really has completed our lives in every way. She has brought so much joy to us and she constantly puts a smile on our face.

Rachael adopted November 2007

Rachael came to Boston Buddies when her owner lost his house and could not take her or her siblings, Tina and Joey, with him when he moved. Rachael was adopted by a wonderful family who love her to pieces. They sent this update to us:

We have had Rachael for over 3 months now and she is great! She plays constantly with our chow/lab mix and loves her yard and toys. She is going camping for the first time with us this weekend in the motor home. She already loves it as every time I open the door she runs and sits in the driver’s seat ready to hit the road!

Lizzie Joy adopted September 2007

Lizzie Joy found herself dropped at the shelter by the family she had loved for eight years when they decided they wanted a new puppy. She did not understand why she was being left behind when she had given her family only love all the years they had her. At about the same time a wonderful woman who was new to the area contacted Boston Buddies looking for a new member of her family. It was a match made in heaven and Lizzie Joy went to live with Kelly at the beach.

Sammie adopted July 2007

Boston Buddies rescued Sammie from the shelter where he arrived scared and skinny. When he developed intestinal issues and kennel cough in the shelter and began losing weight, the shelter asked rescue to take him, in hopes of saving his life. Once in the care of one of our fabulous foster homes (and being expertly advised by Owen, a Boston Buddies Alum – see his story below!) Sammie recovered from his kennel cough and started putting on some much needed weight. Walks by the beach helped him forget horrible memories of being in the shelter and in no time at all he was ready to find his forever home.

Sammie was adopted by a wonderful family who had other dogs for him to play with and they continued to dote on him. His foster mom received this great update and photo:

WE LOOOOOVE SAMMIE! He is smart, funny, cute and spunky. He fits in well with our family. My husband Joe and Sammie are true buddies. Joe plays with him for hours, then Sammie rewards him by curling up and falling asleep next to him. It is hard to get play time in with Sammie because everyone always wants his attention.

I thank you and Boston Buddies so much for this opportunity to have this great little guy. He has filled a place in our hearts that we did not know needed filling. – Joe & Tanya and Jake, Bogie, Max and Sammie

Bonnie adopted June 2007

Bonnie is a sweet splash faced girl. She may be tiny, weighing in at 12 pounds, but don’t be fooled–this is one tough girl. Poor Bonnie was found on the side of the road in Lindsey, in very bad shape. She had been attacked by another dog and had half her ear torn off, her eye sustained severe wounds necessitating removal, not to mention the bite marks that covered her neck and back. Boston Buddies volunteers raced up to the Lindsay shelter to get Bonnie. Despite her condition, Bonnie was very feisty. She had been through a lot and wasn’t going to trust just anyone. The volunteers tried to calm her down. After quite some time, one of the volunteers thought to say something to Bonnie that she had not heard in a while or maybe never heard, she said “I love you Bonnie” and kept repeating it. Shortly after that, Bonnie kept trying to get near the volunteer’s face. Fearing a bite on the chin, the volunteer was a little reluctant. She finally acquiesced and Bonnie gave her a kiss on the cheek and then promptly fell asleep in her lap for the car ride home.

A wonderful family read about Bonnie’s struggles and decided they had to adopt her. Now Bonnie is the beautiful young girl she has always been and is living the high life in Las Vegas with her family. Bonnie loves to snuggle with her new parents while they are watching TV at night. Little Miss Bon Bon is adamant on sleeping under the sheets and prefers to be right in between her parents. If they try to set her to one side or another, by morning she has worked her way back into the middle! Her parents find her so adorable that they just can’t help but let her do it.

Jake adopted May 2007

Jake, a 30 lb Boston boy, was found tied to a light pole in a shopping center with a note stating his name was Jake. Jake had been through things no dog should ever have to live through. He was so aggressive the day Jake was found, which was more a reaction to his intense fear of humans, no one could come near him. After a significant amount of time animal rescue gained a little trust from Jake and were able to free him from the pole. Shortly thereafter, Jake came to Boston Buddies and would be forever rescued from his horrible past.

While in Boston Buddies care, Jake stayed with one of Boston Buddies fantastic fosters where he received the love and treatment he so desperately needed. Boston Buddies also enlisted the help of a professional trainer to work with Jake and help rehabilitate him so he would be ready for a forever home. After months of rehabilitation and finding the perfect owner Jake was adopted by a wonderful family. Jake’s new family has the time and patience to help him work through his anxieties. Not only does Jake have a new family, but he also has a Boston sister, Sofia.

Zappa adopted March 2007

Zappa, is a sweet old Boston, whose owner died and was turned over to rescue by the son. Zappa is now living with a couple in Glendale whose whole lives have been made better by Zappa.

Zappa’s new mom was suffering from a long term illness. Since Zappa has come into her life her spirits are lighter and she feels much better. Zappa’s new dad is his constant companion and both love to go walking for miles each day. The best part is that Zappa found a great home with a wonderful couple and they all will bring each other continued joy and laughter that only a Boston Terrier can bring.

Zoey adopted November 2006
(at left, Zoey’s From Here to Eternity Pose)

It was love at first sight for both of us. I did not have a plan or thought of adding a dog to my life the day I met Zoey. I had been successfully saying “no dog” to my wife and daughters for as long as it mattered. Nobody had time for a dog.

Judy, my agent had been a Boston Buddies foster Mom and there were always dogs in her office. On this day I arrived to pick up some materials before a meeting and there was Zoey napping on a blanket next to her desk. We made eye contact and Zoey got up and approached me, put her front paws on my knees and we looked each other in the eyes. “Where did this dog come from and is she promised to anyone?” I couldn’t believe I was letting those words out of my mouth. Judy had been fostering her for two weeks, she was dropped off at the Carson Shelter with a note “Allergic” pinned to her collar. We took care of the necessary stuff ASAP.

Zoey is perfect, a perfect mix of a Boston Terrier and ? Border Collie and is about 6 years old. She returns tennis balls, treats our cats with respect and guards my home, wife, and daughters. When my 16 year old daughter comes home too late, Zoey actually admonishes her with disapproving grumbles. It saves my breath and how do kids argue with a dog? It’s true! “Dad, you love Zoey more than us,” my daughters remarked a few times. I didn’t say anything back because I didn’t want to be quoted. Thank you Judy & Boston Buddies for bringing Zoey my way.

Riley adopted September 2006

John & I adopted Riley in September of 2006. Before his adoption we were told by Boston Buddies that Riley had previously been through two other homes and because of his aggressive behavior towards other dogs
and children it was difficult to place him in an environment best suited to his needs. John & I are a single couple with no plans of children in the near future. We had been waiting for years to adopt a dog.

Since, we have adopted Riley we have seen a tremendous change. Not yet two years old, his playful, curious. and loving personality has made Riley the apple of our eyes. One of the best things we have done for Riley is starting him in a training program once a week. The fear of being around other dogs has seemed to have dissipated with time, training, love, stability and commitment. Riley has traveled throughout California with us and has grown fond of our many road trips.

Both John & I have learned that if you are patient and empathic everything else will fall into place. They say 3 times a charm, and we are believers! We couldn’t imagine our lives without our “Ri guy” and thank Boston Buddies for allowing us the opportunity to keep the bond between Riley and ourselves to continue growing throughout the years. I can only hope that others will benefit as we have. – With warmest regards, Wendy & John

Paco/Barklee adopted March 2006

Soon after signing up to become foster parents, we got a call that a dog that was coming from a shelter in Downey and would be ready to pick up in 2 days following his Vet exam. Paco, we were told, was extremely scared, most likely traumatized and didn’t seem to be able to walk on a leash. Boston Buddies felt that we would be the best fit, as he would need a place that was very calm, with no kids around and no other pets.

After about 5 hours at home we saw what a perfectly harmless love bug he turned out to be. We kept him on a daily routine and found he was housebroken. Within about 2 weeks, he eventually allowed himself to play with toys and act like the carefree dog he should be!

We officially adopted Paco – who we renamed Barklee – and every day has been filled with absolute joy. His adorable puppy-like antics (he’s estimated at 4-5 yrs) have us belly laughing in tears almost everyday.

Barklee has even taken on the Digital Craze and has his own BLOG to document his little escapades, so do drop by to if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

We braced ourselves for the worst and found the best possible new family member we could have asked for. All thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at Boston Buddies who have been giving these fuzzy faces second chances for years!!! Thank you sooooo much!

Bruno adopted August 2005

I first met 1-year old Bruno in early June of ’05. I was asked to foster a Boston Terrier, on behalf of Boston Buddies, but wasn’t sure I was ready to “have” another dog in my life so soon after my beloved keeshond had to be put to sleep in February. However, I was assured I only needed to “keep” Bruno as long as I felt comfortable.

After 10 days with me, Bruno was adopted from by a couple. Both of my children “scolded” me for giving him up because he was so adorable. I think I was trying too hard not to get too attached.

As the adoptive “parent” was taking Bruno from me, he asked if there was anything about Bruno he should know. I told him that I had noticed a little bit of “night blindness”; that Bruno had a tough time negotiating his way in the dark. He asked if Bruno’s eyes could be examined, and said he had no interest in owning a blind dog. Boston Buddies sent Bruno to be examined by a doggie eye specialist who diagnosed him with Progressive Retinal Atrophy which would render him completely blind in six to twelve months. After hearing that, the adoptive family chose not to adopt Bruno and I took him back to live with me in mid-July.

I felt like it was destiny that Brunie came back to me! It was like I was given another chance with this great, fun-loving, affectionate little dog! If you didn’t know he was blind you’d never know! He gets around the house and yard like a champ. He is very energetic as we play ball several times a day. While I’m eating breakfast, he brings his ball to be thrown since I’m “just sitting there”. At dinner time, while I’m eating, he brings his ball to be thrown because I’m “just sitting there”. When I’m sitting in the spa he climbs the stairs and figures, while I’m “just sitting there”, that I can throw the ball in the yard, too. When I’m sitting on the couch, he just wants to be near me. He is cuddly and loves to be with people.

I am blessed this little buddy has come into my life. Brunie and I look forward to sharing many years of friendship and companionship. Thank you, Boston Buddies, for introducing him into my life!

Bosley adopted November 2005 (formerly Bogart)

Bogart, now Bosley had some pretty heavy baggage to carry (diabetes, cushing’s and hyperthyroidism) that showed in his face and body. Sitting in the backseat on the ride home he sat up straight, tall and proud and we were off. First stop, the stable where he met my two horses, then over to his new vet. With approving nods and words of praise by all, it was on to Petco. After a new bed, sweater and various “stuff” it was home to meet Bug and Tramp, two big dogs that immediately became his body guards, brothers and friends. As they all three ran around the backyard, Bosley was transformed. The sadness and heaviness he carried melted away. He was happy and home.Thank you Boston Buddies for a sweet and loving soul! God bless you all – Patti and Bosley

Tommy adopted January 2005

Tommy came to Boston Buddies when his owner could no longer care for him. Tommy had two mast cell tumors on his body that had not been attended to and all feared they would end his life far too soon. But Tommy knew this life just had to have something good in store for him. Boston Buddies had his tumors removed and after his recovery from some fairly extensive surgery, Tommy received a clean bill of health from the mast cell tumors. He will always have to be closely monitored for the return of these tumors – but Tommy’s new forever family has experience with this disease and they keep their eagle eyes open for anything suspicious and whisk Tommy to the vet whenever needed. After his mast cell surgery Tommy was diagnosed with Cushings, but he is on a daily regiment of trilostane and his follow up visits during the past year have shown the drug therapy to be working. Tommy is now enjoying the wonderful life he knew was waiting for him and living with his new Boston brother Oliver and rescued Boston sister Bella on a golf course – when he isn’t taking his motor yacht over to Catalina Island for the weekend!

Bella adopted October 2004

Bella’s Mom contacted Boston Buddies to help find Bella a new home when Bella’s penchant for picking fights with her older doggy sister became increasingly more common. After trying for months to make it work, Bella’s Mom knew that both Bella and her older sister needed to live in separate homes and made the difficult decision to find a new home for Bella. Boston Buddies thought Bella might get along with a boy Boston named Oliver who had been looking for a new friend. Bella is a sweet girl who just prefers to be the only female doggy in the pack. Bella and Oliver spend their days napping and playing – boxing with each other while standing on their back feet. Bella tells Oliver it is play time by giving his tail a little tug – and off the two of them go.

Zeke adopted July 2005; Olive adopted November 2005

Zeke was adopted out of the shelter in Ventura County as a young boy of six months old. Mike and Colleen were without a dog while they lived in apartments for a few years, but as soon as they got a house with a yard Colleen was looking to add some Boston joy to the family.

Colleen had had several Bostons growing up and there are still several Bostons in her extended family. Mike was raised with Boxers, but Colleen has converted him to a Boston lover. Colleen and Mike met Zeke and immediately fell in love. Zeke is a happy bundle of Boston joy with two floppy ears that bounce around as he runs through the yard and plays. Colleen realized that she could not throw the ball all day for Zeke and decided that he needed a friend and she contacted Boston Buddies again. Olive, at two and half years old, has just as much energy as Zeke. Olive’s original owner knew that Olive needed to be with a friend and in a home where her people had more time to spend with her. Olive is a big licker and loves to give sloppy kisses. Olive and Zeke have become best friends and now spend their days running around their beautiful yard and giving Colleen and Mike tons of Boston kisses and love.

GiGi Adopted April 2005

Sweet Petite 12 lb. Gigi was abandoned like an old shoe at the Orange County Shelter. Covered in sores all over her lips, nose, eyes and private areas, she cried with relief when she was rescued. Gigi spent a month recovering at her foster mom’s home with her Boston cousins where she became part of the gang. After a month of antibiotics and love, Gigi was healed of her bacterial dermatitis and ready for a new home.

Jackie and Jim adopted Gigi on April 10th. She now enjoys days of
sunbathing on the lawn, snoozing on the couch, and morning and evening walks through the neighborhood. She just went on her first camping trip in the RV with her Mom and Dad where she was the star attraction. Gigi is being treated as the little princess she is and having a wonderful life being spoiled with love.


Roxie placed April 2005

Roxie was adopted from the Orange County Shelter on the day of the Academy Awards. As a true starlet, she really wanted nothing to do with the other four legged creatures she was surrounded by. Instead, she preferred to be showered with love by her foster parents. Yet, she
waited for that perfect role as the only four legged Queen of a household. Roxie was soon adopted by Nancy and Chuck whose former beloved Boston had just passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Roxie is now the Starlet of their home, enjoying morning walks through the woods and afternoons by the ocean. This was a the role of a lifetime for Roxie – and she is a true star in Nancy and Chuck’s eyes.

Mack adopted in March 2005

Mack came to us from the SPCA. A smart looking boy whose former owner never came looking for him. Mack spent a month with his foster mom and four legged Boston cousin where he endeared himself so much that the foster mom wanted to keep him. But she knew Mack deserved a home who could take him on daily journeys through the neighborhood, something she was physically unable to do. Mack was adopted by Chara and it was a relationship made in Heaven.
Chara takes Mack for 4-5 daily walks, where he charms all who cross his path. They are a wonderful team and Chara is so thrilled to have this
little boy in her life. He spends afternoons sunbathing and nights sneaking into the bed to cuddle with his mom. Mack has the undying love of his new Mom and he returns it with thanks every day.

Buster placed January 2005

Buster was pulled from the Carson shelter on New Years Eve. Rescue made sure his new year would be better and took in this darling one blue eyed boy. Buster loves to play as much as he loves to snuggle. He was adopted in January by a wonderful family who couldn’t wait to shower him with love. Buster has settled in nicely and enjoys his daily walks through the neighborhood and nights cuddling with his owners. Buster not only has had a great year so far, but is guaranteed a wonderful life!

Delbert placed March 2005
Handsome Delbert was adopted by one of our rescue volunteers out of the Orange County Shelter. Delbert lived with his foster mom for several months where she cared and loved him. During that time he fought several horrible infections on his tail and finally had to have it removed. But that didn’t stop him from being the sweet handsome boy that he is. Then the day came when it was time for him to find a new home. One afternoon, Delbert met Steve and immediately became one of the family. He now lives in Palm Springs where he and his Boxer brother spend the afternoon playing and snuggling, being loved by his new Dad. Delbert is one lucky boy.

Dexter placed Feb. 2005

Dexter was pulled from the San Diego Shelter where he was going to be put down due to an alleged aggression. We found out that he had spenthis first year and half in a home where he never met other people and was then turned over to the shelter. Thankfully he was rescued and found
to be a sweet but scared boy. But in the last few months, through the love of some special rescue members, Dexter developed into the darling dog that he is.

Dexter came to live with his new foster mom and dad and they couldn’t let him go. He spends his days searching for playmates to chase him or play ball. He is a smart boy who can catch a ball in the air and steal a piece of chicken off of your dinner plate. He and his brother Blue can be found snuggling or sunbathing together or playing tug of war. He has a forever home and will never be misunderstood again. He is one happy boy who is showered with love by his mom and dad.

Maggie and Miah – placed October 2004

Miah and Maggie were owner relinquished with the promise that we would find a home where the two could stay together. Their placement was a bit complicated by the fact that Miah also has occasional seizures. They spent a month in their foster home before the PERFECT home was found. They now have four people to share in playing ball, going on their daily walks and to share beds with. They have even learned to become great camping dogs! They have found their forever home in a family with large hearts, a tub full of doggie toys and walls bouncing with love and laughter. Truly a happy ending for these two wonderful little Bostons!

Mina – placed October 2004

Little Mina (the black puppy on the right) is a Boston Terrier / Pug mix who was pulled from a shelter in Los Angeles. Mina’s sweet disposition enabled her to easily adapt to her foster brother and sister. While in foster care, it became apparent that Mina was one of the few rescue dogs who didn’t have “issues.” In fact, she did so well with other dogs, cats and kids that we were thrilled to be able to place her with a wonderful family in La Quinta. Mina — now Mia — is happily enjoying her new life with her BT sister Echo, two cats, two beautiful girls, and her Mom and Dad.

Luke – placed August 2004

Luke was an owner relinquishment turned over to our group because of his severe separation anxiety and dog aggression. Just barely one year old, Luke was full of comedic energy that needed to be directed in the right path. Luke was eager to please and to learn, and along with the help of medication was able to overcome his difficulties with separation anxiety.

Luke was adopted to a wonderful mother and daughter in La Quinta where he will never be left alone and he can continue his work with a trainer to become the wonderful boy we know he can be.

Eddie – placed July 2004

Eddie was pulled from the San Diego shelter after having stayed there for a week suffering from a severe urinary tract infection. While in the shelter, Eddie was so frightened he would not even come to the fence to interact with us. Once we got him outside to our car, his whole demeanor changed as he hopped up into the seat with his little tail wagging “let’s go!”

After a good bath, some antibiotics, and lots of love, Eddie’s happy personality very quickly found him a home with a wonderful couple in Escondido. This couple and all of their grandchildren have made Eddie a much loved member of the family and he will never be frightened again.

Bowie – placed July 2004

Bowie is a striking five-year old fellow with one blue eye and one brown eye, which he uses to soulfully gaze into your eyes while you pet him. In fact, he is happiest when he is being pet, and will tap you with his paw in case you forget he is there. He is a cuddly little guy who loves to sleep with you, although when he is ready to get up in the morning, be prepare to be licked awake!

Bowie was pulled from a shelter in the Los Angeles area and after a few weeks in foster care was placed with a wonderful family who all love him dearly.

Hector – placed June 2004

Hector is one sweet Boston boy, and his foster mom refers to him as the “Ambassador of Boston Terriers” because he truly represents the best of what this breed has to offer. He has a great personality and loves to give kisses. Hector was turned over to Boston Buddies by his original owner who was moving and could not take him with her. It was clear that he was loved very much by his original family, who trained him well and taught him great manners.

After only a few days in his foster home, Hector was placed with an adoptive family who has fallen completely in love with him. In fact, his new dad is always looking for places he can take Hector along, and one of their favorite stops is the ice cream shop!

Pugsy – placed November 2003

Pugsy was a sad sight when we pulled her from the Orange County shelter. As her foster mom, it was plain to see this little lady was a very special dog who stole my heart. If there was a lap available this little lady claimed it. Pugsy underwent surgery to remove 3 tumors and about 4 teeth. The largest growth on her lower tummy was the size of my fist. Luckily none were cancerous. Like many rescued dogs she was never housebroken or given any type of training but in her eagerness to please, she caught on fairly quickly. I just loved this grey faced gal and unless the perfect home and family came along I wasn’t giving her up. Well they did. I flattered myself thinking, oh she’s going to miss me terribly. Boy was I wrong! We both instantly liked her new owners. The minute their car door opened she jumped in and never looked back. This time I shed joyful tears.

Progress reports proved it was a match made in heaven and they were crazy about her. In no time Pugs was completely housebroken and enjoying daily walks on the beach and playing with her new buddy, a male terrier. Pugsy is clearly the apple of her new mom’s eye.

Rex Van Wrinkle – placed June 2003

A good Samaritan found Rex wandering the streets alone and took him home. His attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful and finally Rex was surrendered to us. Rex spent 6 weeks in our foster care. Because he was microchipped as a puppy we were able to track down his owner. However due to failing health Rex was put up for adoption.

A wonderful family near Sacramento saw Rex’s photo and fell in love. He now spends his days playing with their 3 other rescued pooches and their son. Seems Rex is not quite the outdoors man. On his first camping trip he couldn’t wait to go home. Rex has now decided camping is fine as long as he ends the day in a hotel instead of a tent!!

Owen – placed January 2004

Owen was pulled from a shelter in the Los Angeles area. Young Owen was actually very little BT, mostly Corgi, possibly a little Pug, but certainly all over sweetness and love. Normally we would not pull a little guy with so little BT in the mix, but we watched poor Owen for several weeks at the shelter as people passed him by. Fearing this sweet little boy would be put to sleep we pulled him from the shelter. Surprisingly, we received letters from so many people wanting to adopt this little guy….and why not!!! He was as loving and gentle as could be. Wanting just the right home for Owen we settled on a wonderful family in the San Diego area. When we went to do the homecheck and saw the handmade poster in Thomas, the son’s room, declaring his need for a dog, we knew this was the right place!!! What a perfect match….the picture says it all….”A boy and his companion” – Thomas and Owen.

Jackson – placed March 2004

Jackson has been placed in a wonderful and loving home in Chula Vista, CA. Milton seems to be the person that Jackson has needed all along. We think Jackson’s earlier life was filled with mistreatment, beatings, and he was perhaps the victim of dog fighting. Now that Jackson has been adopted by Milton, he is loved very much and spoiled as much as any BT deserves! Milton and Jackson go for walks several times each day. And Milton works from his home, so Jackson always has his buddy around to give him some attention and those yummy treats!

Thank you Milton, for having the love in your heart to share your home with Jackson. Jackson’s foster family misses him (especially Bossman!), but they’re happy knowing that Jackson has found such a good home.

Pumpkin – placed February 2003

Pumpkin gives true meaning to the saying that Bostons are “a big dog personality in a small dog’s body!” Weighing in at a petite twelve pounds, she’s a match for any 100 lb. bruiser. She overwhelmed her first adoptive family, so after a month she came back to her foster parents. They couldn’t bear to part with her a second time, and so they decided to adopt her and she’s been a welcome member of their family ever since.

Pumpkin’s favorite activities include watching out the upstairs bedroom window for any sign of something worth barking at, and watching Animal Planet on TV so she can raise a fuss whenever a dog or cat (or any other exotic animal) appears on-screen. She’s also been known to shake her stuffed toys so hard that pieces come off and fly across the room! She expends so much energy that by 7 PM she is ready to snuggle up against anyone who happens to be sitting on the couch, and there she snoozes until its time to go to bed.

Angel – placed June 2003

Angel was one of the most pitiful cases of neglect we have come across in our rescue work. Apparently having been confined in a cage her entire life, her feet were malformed and she was unable to walk comfortably. Having not been socialized to other animals except to be used for breeding, she had severe aggression problems towards other animals. After many, many months of veterinary care and the work of her dedicated foster mother helping Angel to learn to trust that not all humans would mistreat her, she was finally ready to go to her forever home.

Angel was successfully placed with a loving and wonderful woman who needed Angel as much as Angel needed her care.

Rocco/Mr. Lucky – placed June 2003

Rocco (formerly Mr. Lucky) was sitting abandoned at the Riverside Shelter. One of our members, Patti, raced over and adopted the little boy and named him Lucky. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent surgery to remove the growth. Lucky went home to recuperate at Patti’s and recovered nicely. He was soon playing with toys and giving kisses to his foster Mom.

Lucky was adopted by a wonderful family in Corona who renamed him Rocco. His new family stated “He is a very loving little guy who likes long walks and bananas. We feel very fortunate to have gotten such a friendly, well-behaved dog and are grateful to the Rescue for matching us up!” And we are lucky that Rocco has such a wonderful family to give all his love and kisses to now!

John Henry – placed March 2003

John Henry was adopted from the Downey Shelter. He had been found as a stray and his owners never came looking for him. He was thin, dirty and scared with an eye infection. We adopted him and raced him to our vet who gave him a full exam and eye medicine. John Henry was fostered by a Manhattan Beach woman who fell in love with him immediately. John Henry, his mom and his cat sisters live one block from the beach and are frequently spotted around town or on the beach. John Henry stops a lot of traffic because he is so handsome and friendly. We are thrilled that he has a wonderful forever home.

Norma – placed June 2003

When Norma was pulled from the shelter in Long Beach, she was a sad, battered, tumor-covered old lady with one good eye and little hope for adoption. Once her Cushing’s disease was controlled and the tumors and damaged eye removed, this frisky senior was like a new pup, romping in
the yard and chasing a plastic bottle like a dog half her age. She was still no covergirl, but she had tons of love to give, and in the end Norma went all the way up to Sacramento to find a new forever home with a kind-hearted woman, her young son and a rescued senior Lab sibling.
Renamed Norma Jean after glamorous Marylin Monroe, she is currently enjoying happily ever after as the ruling queen of the household.

Henry – placed June 2003

Henry was pulled from the Orange County Shelter on May 8, 2003. Poor Henry was found as a stray. He was very thin, scared, and suffering from a Perennial Hernia. SCABT Rescue adopted Henry from the shelter and raced him to the vet who operated and repaired his hernia and neutered him. Henry was adopted by a wonderful man in Hermosa Beach who loves Henry very much. Henry was also adopted by his new sister, Lucy, a lab-pointer mix, who is also black and white. Lucy and Henry love to go to the park and play ball with their Dad. Henry has a wonderful forever home.

Dr. Pepper – placed April 2003

Doc was pulled from the San Diego shelter, a very frightened one year old boy. Apparently having no training whatsoever he wasn’t even housebroken. He also suffered from severe separation anxiety. After spending a few weeks in “doggy boot camp” with his foster mom, he was soon housebroken and ready to be placed in a permanent home.

Dr. Pepper was adopted by a wonderful couple in Temple City where he is cherished and enjoys daily walks and romps to burn off his boisterous energy.

Penny – placed April 2003

Penny was turned over to our group when she was surrendered by her owners. Penny had been attacked by two large dogs. During that attack her eye was badly injured and left untreated. Penny’s adoptive parents saw her before her surgery to have the eye removed was even scheduled and fell in love with this little spitball of energy. We fondly observed that Penny was the tiny little BT with a size 2 body, and a size 12 tongue. She was often seen with it lollygagging out to the side happily, looking for her next adventure.

Penny’s surgery was completed and she is happily running the household at her new adoptive home. She lets her new big brother, Boston Bean, who is almost twice her size, know that she is the alpha queen. How wonderful that she can now burn off all that exuberant energy with a brother Boston and a family who loves her.


Skip was turned into East Valley by his owners for allegedly biting a child. Pattie, one of our volunteers, rescued Skip. Skip was destined to be put down due to his alleged child biting but because rescue stepped in we were able to remove him from the shelter. Skip was one scared Boston at the shelter and was a little aggressive with the staff. The minute Skip left the shelter his demeanor changed. He was a big fun loving boy. Skip became the clown of the house and loved to play with his two foster brother Boston’s, Frankie and Data. Data was 2 months old when Skip arrived and he was the most gentle dog with Data. Skip weighs a hefty 44 lbs and my puppy was only 5 lbs at the time. What a great dog! This foster mom misses Skip and I am sure that his foster brothers miss him as well.

Skip was adopted by a loving family in Irvine who renamed him Maximus. Maximus plays with his dog sister a pointer, a brother cat, his human mom and brothers and sisters. He cuddles up each night with his new family. He is very much loved.

Buddy – placed December 2002

Buddy was refered to as the “Boston who fell from heaven” because he just showed up one day in a SCABTR member’s back yard. He was a beautiful young boy but he had a terrible time finding a foster home because he was skittish, fearful and …(how shall I put this) quite the ladies man. Once he got stablized in a foster home and was neutered, he eventually blossomed into a wonderful friendly dog. Then, just in time for Christmas, Buddy got the best gift ever – a loving forever home with Doug and Maureen and his new canine siblings Casey the lab mix and Marley the BT.

Blackie – placed January 2003

Bob C. contacted us looking for a Boston to adopt. Bob completed the application, sent it back to our adoption coordinator and a homecheck was completed. Bob is a wonderful gentleman and we knew that he would provide a perfect, loving home for one of our rescues. His vet gave him a glowing reference.

We had a senior Boston named Blackie that we felt would be a perfect match……two senior gentlemen living out their life together. On of our Rescuers delivered Blackie to Bob and the rest is history. They had a few hurdles to maneuver, but things have settled down and they are totally enjoying each others company. It made our group feel really good to give this man a companion.

From Bob C: I am so happy to have gotten “Blackie” we have bonded wonderfully thanks again to all who had a hand in matching us up. He loves to sun bath on the porch and have his belly rubbed He is here for the duration of my life as well as his we are alike in many ways.

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