In Memory

In Memory of our Beloved Bostons that have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbows Bridge Poem

What is the Rainbow Bridge?

Just this side of Heaven, is a place called Rainbow Bridge…

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

… author unknown

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All of us at Boston Buddies thank you.



Memorial - Baby with crown

My beautiful Baby passed away on Sunday February 18, 2018. She came into my life on July 21, 2013 with the name “Shirley Temple” as a senior rescue from Boston Buddies. She was a stray from a shelter and we didn’t know anything about her age or background. And that didn’t matter because I fell in love with her the moment I saw her picture.

When I discovered Boston Buddies, I was ecstatic because I have always loved BTs. But every dog I chose ended up being adopted or unadoptable. I started to get discouraged. Baby was the last one that slipped past my fingers… and then she didn’t. I received a call that it didn’t work out with her new family of humans and dogs. I was asked if I still wanted her. WHAAAT?? Of course I did! So the very next day, she came home and she stayed. And made my empty apt feel like a home. We were inseparable and she went everywhere with me. She was the best travel companion you could ask for. Both long and short rides, she would curl up and fall asleep regardless if it was a 10 min or 4 hour drive. She just loved being in the car, it relaxed her. On nights when she was restless or if I couldn’t get her to calm down from excitement, I would put her in the car & go for a drive to help her settle down. And sure enough, she lived up to her name, just like a Baby she would go right to sleep.

Because she was a senior (est. 8 – 10 yrs. at adoption) she had a bit of little old lady issues, the worst being arthritis. But that never stopped her from enjoying life and always wanting to be right in the middle of the action. It’s well documented since she was the queen of photobombs! She loved going on long walks and was a celebrity in the neighborhood, everybody knew Baby. She was playful, loving, moody, stoic, headstrong, independent and fearless.

Baby had been sick the last few weeks and her little body just couldn’t recover. We had to make the difficult decision to help her cross over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and surrounded by her loving family. Since she loved her vacations at Grandma’s house, we thought it was only fitting that she be buried at her Grandma’s house in the garden next to a lemon tree. I’m going to miss coming home and being greeted by her wiggling body and delicate kisses. Baby was loved by so many, and she knew it! She used it to her advantage to be pampered and treated like a princess. And we were happy to oblige.

We will miss you dear Baby “Madame Chardonney” (aka Shirley Temple)


Mama Andi, Grandma & Grandpa, Auntie Cathy, Cousins Sofia & Eva and your pug cousin/frenemy Darla Jean



We like to say Chuckie found us, we didn’t find him. He was running in the park near our house all alone and followed us home-probably following our dog, Delilah. When we opened the door, this little puppy, no more than 9-months-old, ran into our house and made himself right at home. When nobody came to claim him, we knew he was ours. He had our hearts from the moment he showed up.

Chuckie was the epitome of “man’s best friend”- he was happy to be with you, whatever you were doing. He loved to play at the dog park, go running, play ball and he especially loved snuggling on the couch with any of his humans. His favorite time of day was when his kids get home from school and they took him out for a walk and played with him. He also REALLY loved hiding in blankets and startling anyone who came to sit down. He was a great friend to both his Boxer Rescue LA friend, Delilah, and his Boston Buddy, Clementine.

Chuckie’s life was way too short, but we hope his memory will live on at Boston Buddies, which does such wonderful work for all Boston Terriers. We miss him terribly.

– Chuckie’s Family

Boston Buddies sends our deepest sympathy to Chuckie’s family. Chuckie’s legacy will live on in the lives of the dogs their generous gift to Boston Buddies will enable us to help save. We will continue our work in Chuckie’s honor with great reverence and extreme gratitude.

Sadly, shortly after Chuckie passed his Boston sister Clementine passed away when an inoperable tumor on her spleen ruptured. We are certain that Chuckie and Clementine are together at the Rainbow Bridge.

Miss Marty McFly – ADOPTED (REBORN) September 2010 – PASSED February 2017

Memorial - Marty Pollock

I had to say goodbye to my dear friend and companion in February after a wonderful friendship for the last six and half years. I met her later in her life, but I am so lucky to have shared these years with her. Finding her at a shelter was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Miss Marty McFly was my family and my best bud all rolled in to one furry package. She shared in some very difficult transitions, decisions, losses, and gains with me over this time. Happy times, sad times, fun adventures, and relaxing days. I am so thankful for her as my cuddly, happy sidekick at home and bringing her to work with me every day. And frankly, for so much more than I could express at this moment. Marty and I had our own club with our own sign/body language together (she was deaf- probably from poor breeding at the puppy mill she came from). I will cherish the time we shared for the rest of my days. I will tell stories about her and I will give my next dog more love for the loss I feel with her now gone. I hope there is an endless amount of dog cookies, an individual space heater for her, poop spots, and nap spots in doggy heaven.

My husband Brian and I planted a persimmon tree in our yard to remember our girl. A fruit tree to continue to have her sweetness in our lives for years to come. Our floors will be a little less clean without her around…


Rexy – November 2006 to December 10, 2016

Memorial - Rexy Pollack

Rexy suddenly got sick and after almost two weeks in the hospital we couldn’t help him anymore. His little body was too sick to recover. We made the hard decision to end his suffering

Little Rexy. Rest In Peace. We will always love you and always miss you.

You were Jason’s best friend. What you did for him was amazing. You will always, always have a special place in his heart. And a special place in all of our hearts.

Love Mom and Dad

This picture is of the day we brought him home.

Memorial - RExy Pollack3

And it just got better from there. This shows Rexy’s great love of friends

Memorial - Rexy Pollack4

Here is Rexy doing what he loved to do. Playing with his toys

Memorial - RExy Pollack5

To Rexy From Jason

My puppy Rexy died soon after his 10th birthday. He was born with 3 toes on one of his feet, a hernia, a rib that kind of poked out, and the happiest face that you would ever see. Despite all of that, he wasn’t sick in his life.

He was like a little person and made everyone smile whether it was when he was hopping around like a rabbit or when he finally got his way after pushing himself onto a pillow. He would always just brighten your day

I called him puppy because he was always awake, always ready to play and always ready to cuddle. It didn’t matter to him as long as he was around us. Rexy may not have been the biggest Boston Terrier (at a whopping 16 pounds fully grown), but he was smart enough to make up for it.

King Rexy preferred to be hand fed, sleep on the pillow like his family (whether they wanted him there or not), or get some scraps that “happen to fall to the ground”. When we weren’t going to sleep, he preferred to have the heater on full blast and be right next to it.

My puppy Rexy slept right next to me almost every night for years, and almost every night we would fight with each other until I got comfortable where he decided to stay. Whenever I needed someone to talk to, he was there to comfort me and listen.

Whenever I was sick, he wouldn’t leave my side. Unfortunately now when he’s sick, I am on the other side of the world. It is heartbreaking to me that I can’t be there for him in person like he has been there for me. Luckily I was able to be there through face time for his final moments.

I will always love him and will always miss him

Love always Jason

To Rexy From Jennifer

I was away at college when my family brought him home to join our family. My little brother, Jason, was sent to my parent’s car to retrieve a box that they left inside the backseat. To his surprise he heard a noise coming from the box. He discovered little baby Rex, as he would soon be named. However, Rex was not a mean, big toothed, scary creature. He was a soft, spunky, happy, loving friend. He soon became our beloved Rexy.

I remember coming home to meet Rexy for the first time. He was so small and all he wanted to do was cuddle up inside my neck. I was instantly in love.

Several years later I moved back home and my bond with Rexy grew stronger. My mom would call him her “happy pill” and that sums him up so well. He was excited to hang out, he was excited to play, he loved to give kisses and jump on laps, and he so loved to go for car rides with us to attract attention from the occupants of cars beside us. He just loved life and all he wanted to do was follow the rules and be with the family. He was such a well-mannered dog that he would get nervous if Benny or his fur cousin Marty would have an accident in the house or did something they weren’t supposed to because he knew it wasn’t okay. His two favorite things in this world, were my brother Jason and our other dog Benny. Jason was his person and Benny was his brother. The rest of us were a close second, but we knew who were the favorites and who he would always protect and cuddle with first and foremost.

There are too many fond memories with that wonderful soul. It is painful to know we will not get to see his little tongue stick out anymore or watch him sleep so soundly in whatever spot he would squirm into. He passed away peacefully only today, after a very short illness that was too strong for him to recover and I already miss him dearly.

Dear Rexy, Thank you for your love, your cuddles, your kisses, and your constant positivity. You have added so much to our lives and our world is forever better having shared this time with you.

We will give Benny extra love and play time for you now that you can’t and I will be here for Jason too. There is a piece of our hearts that will be empty without you here, but we will continue to share stories of you forever.

With lots of love, your sister Jenn.


Lil – Adopted May 20, 2011 – October 22, 2016


Our dearest Lil crossed the Rainbow Bridge today to join her old pal Max. Lil came to us from Boston Buddies in 2011 at age 7 after bearing three litters of puppies at a horrible puppy mill. Lil gave us 6 wonderful years where she shared her loving sweet and gentle personality. She loved us all – family, friends and all those who have come into contact with her. It is with a heavy heart that we close out this chapter of Lil’s journey. May she forever romp in doggie heaven with all those lovely BTs and her best pal Max. We love you so much and will miss your forever. Love you so much Boo Boo!

Winnie – Adopted July 2008 – August 13, 2013

We lost our “sweetie” Winnie last week to a brain stem tumor. She had been showing some behavior changes the previous two weeks but we didn’t have a clue that it was this serious until she had her MRI. We sadly let her go to “Rainbow Bridge” while being held in our arms and telling her how much we will miss her and how lucky we were to have found her.

She was the sweetest little dog anyone could imagine! When we got her from Rachael and Boston Buddies, she was “Dolly,” 4 years old, and extremely obese. Her elderly owner had died and we needed to teach Winnie a lot of new things to adjust to her new life. We already had a male Boston that was 5 and they became great friends and playmates. They were our “grandpuppies”

We had her for 5 memorable years. We will miss her very much but feel very blessed that we were able to find her and have these special memories. We will miss her very much

Mia January 1999 – May 2012

Mia the sunshine in my life crossed the bridge on May 7th. “The Mi” came into my life 5 years ago when she was 9; after being rescued by Boston Buddies. She came to me with the name Yogi Beara and a very sad background. I thought the name Mia was more appropriate, since she was now mine! We had our challenges and got through all of them. She suffered from demodectic mange which we got under control, she also had IBS but a special diet tackled this. AND she snored!

Mia loved men, but she finally accepted me and we became inseparable. We took trips in the car which she loved and even at times let me take her for long walks. Mia and her soccer ball were almost joined at her hip. Her most calming times were sucking this ball.

She loved her sleepovers with her special human and this 15 pound Boston loved playing with her best friend a 90 pound Golden Retriever named Charlie. They were together when Mia crossed the bridge and when she crossed part of my heart crossed with her.

Thank you Boston Buddies for rescuing her and letting me share in her life. – Susan

You were loved by many

Hector – January 7, 2012

Hector came to me about seven years ago, already having seven tough years before coming into my life. Boston Buddies Rescue acquired Hector from the Temecula area. The rescue brought him out of the car on the leash and the rest was history. Hector, with his crooked jaw, crinkled ear, arched back and a very sweet grey face, was exceptionally sweet, never complained and snored louder than any man I know.

When another rescue came into our family he adjusted. It is sad to report Hector passed January 7, 2012. How I miss him burrowing under the covers to keep my feet warm and so sure he is now with Milton, Hazel, Hendrix and Andee in a very peaceful place. He is survived by Boston Max and Boston Bell.

Forever grateful to know you Hector, it was my pleasure. – Sincerely, Gail Schaefer


Max – December 21, 2011

Max, you came into our lives and changed them forever. From the moment we met you, you jumped into my lap and kissed me all over, it was love at first sight. You gave us unconditional love for 5 wonderful years and we will cherish our memories of you. We will forever love you and miss you.

Chuck, Debbie and Lil

Bert – July 11, 2011

It is with sorrow and unspeakable sadness that I tell you, that my Bert passed away peacefully in my arms this afternoon. Bert has been a joyful addition to the herd, always smiling and giving love. Bert’s little body has gone through so much so he went on to the Bridge to run freely without pain and play with those who have gone ahead of him.

When Bert came to me, you could tell he had lived on concrete, he used the concrete instead of the lawn for his potty and for his bed. He would lie on the concrete next to his big soft bed. I would put him on the bed over and over again until finally he got on it himself. It didn’t take long for him to lie on his back and snooze away his days.

Bert loved to go to school and sit on his throne in my classroom smiling and snoring his days with me. My students would giggle and watch him. They loved him. Teachers and administrators would come and visit Bert, just to get a smile and some Bert love. He touched lots of lives and made everyone smile at him.

Bert was a brave man. He went through several surgeries, to remove tumors and teeth, enlarge his nostrils and fix his soft palate. Only three of his legs worked but none of this stopped him from having fun, exploring a bit and going to school with me. He slept on my bed with me and the others snoring and loving life for the time he was with me.

Bert was a wonderful addition to my life. I am profoundly saddened this afternoon. We all miss him. The rest of the herd is sad as well tonight. Once again, I thank you Boston Buddies and Rachael for adding these love bugs to my life.

With sadness and a broken heart – Patti Williams

Note From Boston Buddies –

Bert came to us in 2009 at the estimated age of 9 weighing at most 15 lbs. He had lived outside his entire life and had been used as a stud dog in a backyard breeding operation. He could not use his left front leg due to an old injury that had not been treated. He also had a testicular mass that had not been treated.

Patti has opened her heart and home to so many special needs Boston Buddies. She takes each of them in and they have all blossomed in her care. They know they are loved and cherished during their time with Patti and Boston Buddies will always be extremely grateful to Patti for her kindness and love shown to these special dogs.

Rest in peace Bert – you were truly loved by many.

Joey – May 22, 2011

We adopted Joey 7 years ago from Boston Buddies. At the time his name was Nosy and he had been abandoned for a year by his elderly former owner. He was blind and had severe separation anxiety issues but we took him anyway and never regretted it. He was diagnosed with cancer early this year and died peacefully in our arms on May 22, 2011.

Joey loved playing tug of war with dad, going on vacations in the RV, sunning on his favorite chaise lounge and chewing his favorite toy. He could always be found under a blanket and had the best time howling with his human pack. Joey had the sweetest soul and we will miss him dearly.

“Love you baby, Mom and Dad”

Monty – March 24, 2011

Our family’s beloved dog Monty passed away March 24th, 2011 in the Tustin animal hospital, after a sudden onset of pneumonia and going into respiratory arrest. We were blessed to get Monty from Boston Buddies in 2006 after they found him abandoned. His specialties were snuggling, “snorkeling” and giving many, many, wet, wet, “smacks.” He also enjoyed chasing and keeping his Boston “brother” Clancy in line. While he had a variety of medical issues throughout his life, Monty was the most loving animal we’ve ever known and we will miss him deeply. – Brady & Angelique, Irvine, CA

Dixie LoveBug – December 27, 2010

Dixie LoveBug Hicks













Dixie Lovebug was a rescue dog……. she rescued us!!!! – MOM JUNE & AUNT PAM

Gracie Dunn – 5-29-01 to 1-11-11, 8-Pound Boston Terrier


Gracie loved the Boston Buddies Tea Parties in Huntington Beach. She won “Smallest Boston” and adored all the extra attention she got. Gracie was an AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog with both Love on a Leash and Delta Society, and a Crisis Therapy Dog with HOPE Crisis Response. Gracie really enjoyed working as a therapy dog and looked forward to her visits at the Sea Cliff Healthcare facility and with the elderly at Grace Lutheran Church. She was one of the smallest in her work with HOPE Crisis Response and always stole the show, especially with the firemen. Gracie retired in 2008.

Gracie had a reputation for snoring during any quiet moments and was an excellent kisser. She was named after Gracie Allen due to her comic timing! She had a wonderful life of dog parks, Huntington Dog Beach, Belmont Shore Dog Parade, and any time she could dress up and be the belle of the ball! Gracie made a huge impact on the pets and people she met and will be sorely missed by all who were touched by her presence. – Charlotte Dunn

Babe – December 16, 2010

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Babe, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully as she slept comfortably in her bed on December 16, 2010. We adopted Babe from the SPCA-L.A. in January 2003, after she had been found as a stray. Although she didn’t care for most dogs, she never met a person she didn’t love. She was spirited and sassy and charmed her way into our hearts.

Babe lost her sight and her eyes to glaucoma in 2006. That didn’t stop her from maneuvering her way around the house, “burying” her bones in closets, and running through the field at the local elementary school. From the way her ears and nose honed in on the sounds and smell of food, you would never know that Babe couldn’t see the burgers or chicken she was stalking. The kitchen was her favorite room.

Many people told us that Babe was lucky to have a family like ours who would love her and care for her despite her handicap. What they didn’t understand was that it was the other way around. We were lucky to have Babe. She enriched our lives so much and taught our children compassion and empathy. It filled my heart with joy to be around her—from the way she would greet me after work each day, to the way she loved to play when I tugged at her crooked tail, to the way she vigorously offered me her “paw” for the reward of a cookie, to the way she sighed when I tucked her into her bed at night and stroked her ebony ears. She was an amazing dog who will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we miss her terribly.

For those people who may consider adopting a “handicapped” dog, please don’t be deterred. It is one of the most enriching experiences you can imagine, and the love you will earn from your “special” dog will change your life forever.

We love you, Babe. You blessed our lives immeasurably each day. – The Morrison Family – Linda, John, Gianna and Christian

Side Note from Boston Buddies: Babe was the featured dog for March in the Boston Buddies 2010 Rescue Calendar


Dear Boston Buddies,

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for allowing us to adopt Bandit from your organization back in October of 2002. He was the best dog that a family could ever ask for and brought us so much joy.

He moved with us from California to Florida and back. He was the best friend, family member, and loyal companion a family could ever ask for. He even dealt well with the adoption of another baby Boston Terrier 4 years later and became a wonderful mentor to her.

Bandit was diagnosed with a heart murmur after we adopted him and we were told that he could live a reasonably normal life. That he did. While I was stuck in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year in April, due to the volcano in Iceland, I was checking in at home with the family. My worst nightmare had come true. Bandit had passed away the night before from a massive heart attack. My Wife tried to rush him to the local pet hospital, but he had passed on within minutes.

He was only 10 years old, but he lived a wonderful life with us. Bandit was a constant part of our lives. He even became my Mother’s best friend. She would spoil him like crazy. Although I don’t like to play favorites, I have to be quite honest. Bandit was my favorite. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Although we love our 4 year old Boston Terrier named Betsy, Bandit knew he was #1.

Again, I just wanted to share our loving thoughts and many thanks again to your organization for Bandit. He will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten. –
Sincerely, Stephan Wilke

Miles— September 4, 2010

We adopted Miles in March 2003. He was only 3 months old when he joined our family. Miles and his big sister Sophie were the best of friends, playing and napping together everyday. Since we work from home they went to the office with us everyday. When on the phone a couple of times customers could hear Miles and Sophie snoring and they asked if we had Boston’s or Pug’s. They must have been dog people too!

We lost Miles to a brain tumor, he was only 7 ½ years old. We will forever miss him and his precious animated personality. Thank you Boston Buddies for Miles, he made us laugh out loud, his antics always amazed and amused us. – Sincerely, The Hagopian’s, Greg, Mary, Tony & Sophie

Judy – August 26, 2010

Judy was brought into the Santa Maria shelter as a stray – found in a field on her own. Judy had clearly been used to breed puppies throughout her life – she was probably 9-10 years old – and she had tumors on every one of her mammary glands – one of them was 7cm big – the size of large softball on her chest!

Despite having all these tumors Judy was the nicest and friendliest little girl. She would wiggle her little rear end when you talked to her and she was always ready for pets and belly rubs. She especially liked to have her ears rubbed. She loved to sit and look out the windows of the car – watching the world go by.

Boston Buddies ran numerous tests, consulted with several vets and took Judy to see a specialist, but sadly her condition had been allowed to exist for far too long – the tumors had grown too large and the largest tumor had become attached to her body wall. The skin was stretched so tight over the large tumor that it had begun to ulcerate.

Rachael took Judy home for a night of love, snuggles and treats. After a morning sun bath and scrambled eggs for breakfast Rachael and Karen took Judy in and said goodbye. We sent Judy on her journey surrounded by loving hands – whispering softly that she was loved and she did matter to the world. We are certain Judy is running and playing free of pain. We are devastated that we could not fix the wrongs that had been done to Judy – but we were honored to be there for her at the end of her lifetime here. We know she took the love we gave her with her and

her memory will stay with us forever.

Judy was a wonderful dog who deserved so much more than she got in life. If her owners had cared enough to have her spayed before her first heat cycle she likely would never have developed those horrendous mammary tumors that ended her life years too soon. If a female dog is spayed before her first heat cycle, her risk of developing breast cancer is only 0.05%. If she is spayed after having only one heat cycle, her risk of breast cancer jumps to 8%. If she is spayed after her second heat cycle, that risk becomes 26%… that’s more than 1 in 4! The take-home message: intact female dogs are 50 times more likely to get breast cancer than a dog spayed prior to her first heat cycle.

For Judy’s sake – get your female dog spayed!

Rest in Peace Judy – We Loved You!

Jake – July 20, 2010

Jake had been left in the cover of darkness, tied by a rope to a light pole at a busy intersection in Orange County wearing a handwritten note saying “My name is Jake” He was frightened and would not let anyone come near him. The shelter called Boston Buddies and asked them to take this frightened little dog. It was clear that Jake had been horribly mistreated and suffered from intense fear aggression. If you looked at him he would charge, and jump up, barking and threatening. Movement could result in a bite. He was reactive – afraid of but used to being hurt.

Boston Buddies sent Jake to their behaviorist who worked with him for months. When the Gonzalez family heard about Jake they were determined to open their hearts and home to this little boy and show him the love he had never had. Here is their memorial to this special boy:


Jake had behavioral issues; carousing all night long, toileting lapses, raiding trash (he loved dirty tissues), and he was smart-hiding behind the study door until my son walked out of his room and left the door ajar (ahhh, Trash!) He peed on my sons papers from work and worse….much worse.


After 2 years he wagged his tail like a rusty hinge. He learned how to sing Awh, awh, wha, wha! After 2 ½ years he would bound out of the room to retrieve his rope for you to play with him. Jakie had such a sad face that everyone delighted when he pranced around. He patiently allowed 3 year old Andres to walk him SLOWLY around the yard. Jake was incredibly mellow with him. In fact, that was the true Jake, sweet and gentle. Sofi and Bella, Jake’s little sisters knew that they could intimidate him and he would run away.

We told Jake for the last 2 years that this was the “year of the bath”. On Monday we did bathe him successfully. This was a huge step for him. It took a long time for him to trust but he did. Jake’s time with us was such a gift. You couldn’t look at him without marveling at this wonderful dog and how far he had come. On Tuesday, our beloved sweet boy passed away, looking clean and handsome.


Trash cans are back down on the floor, doors are open and we really miss Jakie Pooh, aka the Pooh Man Choo.


Thank you Boston Buddies for giving these fabulous dogs another chance!

The Gonzalez Family


Benny Iris – August 19, 2010

At 10 years old, Benny Iris found himself dropped at the shelter by his family. He had cataracts, was flea infested, in need of a dental cleaning and he had a ping pong ball size mass growing on his anus. The shelter would only release Benny to a registered rescue partner and Boston Buddies was there the day he was able to be taken from the shelter.

We took Benny to our vet and had them run all sorts of tests on the little guy. Benny was only 19 lbs and built like a fire plug. He was the cutest little Boston we’d seen in quite a while! Benny was scheduled to undergo surgery with a specialist to remove the peri-anal mass and have his teeth taken care of but he developed a cough so we took some x rays to make sure he did not have pneumonia. Sadly, we discovered that Benny’s little body was full of cancerous tumors. Benny’s cough progressed quickly and he found it difficult to breath or even lay down comfortably.

We knew that we had to let Benny go and begin his journey across the Rainbow Bridge where we know he is happy and breathing well again. We are sad that Benny had to spend the last weeks of his life with strangers after being abandoned by his family. But the volunteers at Boston Buddies made sure Benny knew that he was loved and he did matter.

Rest in peace Benny Iris

Buttercup – July 21, 2010


Today, my little love “Buttercup” went to the Bridge. She is now in a quiet place with all her friends who have gone on before her. Her little body had had enough and decided today she needed to go. Now, she is out of pain, running happy and ruling everyone there. I know she is smiling her little smile, rolling in the sweet grass and loving every second of her new life.

She came to me a tiny, quiet and sad little one. It didn’t take long to learn the ropes and rule the big dogs, Bug (95lbs.) and Tramp (80lbs.). She was in charge – a small and mighty little one. She was Mommy to Beanie and friend to every person that came to visit. Buttercup loved my Mother and was her best friend. After my Father passed away, they spent many hours, napping, talking and sharing kisses.

Thank you Boston Buddies for letting Buttercup enter my life. She was a sweet, sweet little one who filled a big big spot in my heart and made me smile each day. She will be missed so much. God bless you my Buttercup. I love you.

Patti Williams


Buster – May 2010

Buster was one of the original dogs assisted by Boston Buddies in the first few months of our existence in 2003. Buster’s family wrote to us to let us know that Buster has crossed the Bridge. While we are sad to hear of Buster’s passing, we take solace in knowing that he lived a wonderful life with a family that treasured him. Rest in peace Buster:


We lost our dear Buster this month. Buster was 15 years young and full of love and life right up until the very end.

Buster’s owners had a baby and couldn’t give Buster the love that he deserved so Boston Buddies intervened and gave him a second chance at a forever home.

My husband John and I met Buster in 2003 and fell in love with him immediately. We adopted him and he became a part of our family. He loved giving kisses, going for walks, eating treats and cuddling up on the couch watching TV at the end of a day. We will miss our little boy.

The Sissel Family


Bubba – April 15, 2010

It was early December 2009 when I was blessed with being given the opportunity of fostering Bubba. A senior boy around 14 years old who

was blind and deaf and who was living in a car – not the life that he deserved. When I brought him home I looked him in the face and told him “Old Man” you will live out your golden years here with us with lots of love and attention. Funny to say that Bubba wasn’t the lucky dog that day, it was me.

He might have been blind and deaf but he was as sharp as they come. He learned the doggie door and all the areas of his new home in no time. There were days that I would hear him barking and I would walk close to him and he would stop his barking. He knew I was near and all would be ok.

He became a part of our family in no time. He slept with us in the bed like the little angel that he was. He even went to the drive in theatre with us.

He enjoyed his trip to get burgers and most of all he enjoyed resting on the sofa and the floor with his buddy, another senior dog named Victor.

The day came when I knew it was time to let Bubba go, he had stopped eating and was unable to stand. As I held him in my arms to let him go I told him “Thank You Lil Bubs for allowing me to be a part of your life.” I have fostered many many dogs the past 14 years and all of them touch my heart but just a few have a piece of my heart. Bubba will always be my senior boy who I will be thankful for being a part of his life. Bubba might not be in my home anymore but he will always be in my heart. Thank you Boston Buddies for bringing such joy to my life.

Jackie Hilovsky, Bubba’s Foster Mom Forever


Mr. B – April 7, 2010

Mister B. Pollock was our best friend, play buddy, cuddle companion, vacuum, tennis ball retriever, the greeter of clients at the family CPA firm , but most of all, he was and will always be a loving member of the Pollock family.


When we got Mister B as a puppy, my parents thought it would be funny to name him after our rough and tough karate instructor nicknamed “Mister B,” to his students. Our new Boston Terrier puppy, always energetic and ready to protect just like our instructor, grew into his name quite well and was even referred to affectionately as “the killer” by our family. One amazing trait that Boston Terriers possess and that Mister B proved everyday of his life, is that family comes first, and for our family we will continue to appreciate his loyalty and love. While Mister B was always ready to play, he always knew when to tone it down and cuddle with the family when we were tired, upset, or even sick. Each member of our family, cousins, aunts, uncles, clients of the family business, friends, and neighbors fondly have had their own bond with Mister B. My Dad was his best friend and the apple of his eye, my Mom was his advocate and favorite cuddle partner, my little brother grew from an annoyance when he was younger to a close friend and play buddy as he grew older, my older brother always loved a great play session when he visited back home, and I don’t even know how to put into words what Mister B meant to me. He had it all.


We miss Mister B very much and still think that he is following behind us making sure that he can see us around at all times. Tennis balls will never look the same without you Mister B.


The Pollack Family

Mr. B’s Family made a donation to Boston Buddies in his memory.

Mr. B’s legacy will live on in the lives of those rescue dogs

touched by his family’s gift.

Razzles – December 15, 2009

Razzles came to us on June 6, 2006. We will never forget that day and celebrated each year as his birthday. He was an older dog but so vivacious and active. There were days when you would have thought he was a puppy. Boston Buddies had changed his name to Rusty from his previous owner’s name, Rastus. Well, he definitely wasn’t a Rusty and we wanted to call him something that was close to his original name so hopefully he’d answer to it. We came up with Razzles, aka Razzle Dazzle, aka Razzy Daz aka Mr. Raz, etc. but it really didn’t matter as it turned out he was deaf. Needless to say, we used a lot of hand signals which he actually started to understand.

Raz settled in quickly and was basically spoiled rotten. He LOVED to eat and was given treats and leftovers a lot. He loved sitting under the table waiting for any little morsel we’d throw his way. When our daughter was born at the end of 2008, he felt a little neglected but as soon as she started eating solid food, he was in heaven with all the food that missed her mouth and landed on the floor. And heaven forbid she was on the floor with any food in her hands – it was gone in seconds!!! Raz also loved the dog park and would immediately upon arrival do his customary lap around the entire perimeter before rejoining us near the benches. He loved his walks and was a scavenger hunter when it came to any sort of food left in the neighborhood. My husband loves recanting the story of when he ate a lizard which I won’t elaborate on but needless to say, he’d eat anything. He also loved when company came over because, not only would he get so much affection, but he knew more food would be coming out shortly.

Razzles was such a gift to us. He made every day so much fun and entertaining. When I was pregnant, he’d come in bed every morning with me and cuddle up against my stomach. When our daughter was born, he was so sweet with her and put up with her endless poking and prodding with not even a whimper. On December 15, 2009, we said goodbye to our sweet sweet Razzy Daz. He had always had arthritis and knee problems in his back legs and had a hard time walking some days. But suddenly a few days before, his front legs became completely paralyzed which left the vets stumped. It was either a tumor or cancer and because of his age, it was just the right thing to say goodbye and not let him suffer anymore. You hear people say how lucky these dogs are to be rescued, but WE were actually the lucky ones to have found him.

There are so many things that remind us of our sweet Razzle Dazzle. You will never be forgotten!

Love, Mommy, Daddy and your sister Jemma


Paddy – December 17, 2009

We rescued Paddy as a senior through Boston Buddies. It was apparent that he had had a rough previous life and we set out to bring Paddy into our family giving him the love and attention that he had not known before.

For the past year Paddy had been having problems with mobility in his back legs. In early December we noticed that it was spreading to his front legs as well and then on December 17th Paddy had three major seizures that lasted several minutes each. We took Paddy to our Vet and were told that he likely had a brain tumor and that with his age and heart condition surgery was not recommended. The Vet told us that the best thing we could do for Paddy was to stop his suffering. On December 17th with his family close by Paddy began his journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

Paddy gave us four great years and in turn we made sure they were the best years of his life. Paddy had a private cremation and is still with us, along with our previous buddy Oscar.


We would like to thank Boston Buddies for the work they do. We would encourage more people to take on these senior dogs because they can enrich our lives in ways that a younger dog cannot. The time we spend with them may be short, but in our opinion is well worth it.

Rest in peace Paddy Boy.

The Porter Family

Jackie O – December 15, 2009

A tiny, old and frail Boston Terrier showed up on the Ventura County shelter list one day. No name. No information other than “female”. The shelter kindly put her in the medical ward so she wouldn’t have to spend her days there in a cold outdoor kennel. As is usually the case with the seniors at the shelter, nobody was there to scoop her up when she became available – except for me that is, representing Boston Buddies. You see, Boston Buddies wouldn’t let this girl stay in the shelter one day longer than absolutely necessary. I picked her up and she became my first foster dog.


What would her name be? I consulted my eight year old niece and she suggested Jackie as the new girl’s name. I started with that but thought it sounded a little young and care free for this little one who had evidently seen a bit more of life. I decided on Jackie O because of the prance in her step and because of the way this 11 pound girl held herself with her frosty face high in the air and her intelligent eyes. She had a touch of elegance demanding something special.


Jackie O was such a funny little girl. Honestly, I don’t think she’d spent much time in a house or around other dogs. She followed me any and everywhere I went, sometimes coming up behind me as I was putting on my makeup or cooking, just to lick the back of my leg, almost as if to say, “hi, I’m here, thanks for letting me stay inside!” She slowly but surely found all the dog beds in the house – two in the office, one in the kitchen, two in the living room, two in the bedroom, and even the one in my closet where Baxter (my 10 year old Boston) goes when he’s scared of thunder or fireworks. She would timidly sniff a bed, then try it out, stepping on and then stepping off as if maybe she weren’t really supposed to be on that bed. I told her she could lay on any bed she chose, but I sensed her hesitation. I knew that with a little time and TLC Jackie O would figure things out.


Finally, there was one dog bed in my bedroom that she seemed to really love. It was the one covered with the hand crocheted blanket my grandmother had made for her mini poodle, Jolie, so many years ago. Gramma and Jolie are together across the rainbow bridge now, and Baxter & Bella have been enjoying Jolie’s blanket for many years. Since JackieO seemed drawn to it, I put it on her own bed, in front of her crate, right next to my bed. Soon she didn’t seem much interested in any of the other beds in the house – whenever I couldn’t find her anywhere else, she was curled up fast asleep in her own bed with Jolie’s blanket tucked around her. It warmed my heart to think that Jolie’s blanket brought Jackie O so much comfort.



If I had to pick one thing that JackieO loved with abandon, that one thing would be mealtime! She slept in her space by my bed, behind an ex-pen where she had her bed, Jolie’s blanket and her crate, a water bowl and a wee wee pad (just in case she needed it in the middle of the night). Every morning I would get up and open the ex-pen and Jackie O would literally shoot out the opening like she’d been shot out of a cannon, and she would be off and running, jumping, twisting, turning, practically somersaulting to the kitchen where she knew the food was! My sister said she looked like a “cricket on a pogo stick”!! I would open the kitchen door to let her out before breakfast and she would RUN, RUN, RUN around the backyard and RUN, RUN, RUN back to the back door to come in for breakfast. Only problem was that she had forgotten to do her “business”, so I’d have to tell her she couldn’t eat until that was all taken care of. She would look at me with a surprised look on her face, then take another three or four turns around the yard before finally going potty and coming in for her breakfast which she would eat with her foot in the bowl to keep it from scooting along the floor! It was always a little bittersweet for me to see her do this – on one hand the excitement was very cute, but on the other I couldn’t help but think that in her former life maybe she hadn’t been fed regularly so that’s why food excited her so. I picked her up and told her often that she would never go hungry again. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and give me the most gentle kiss on the nose. I understood that kiss meant thank you.


The great news was that Jackie O had someone who wanted to adopt her – they recognized what a special lady she was and wanted to open their hearts and home to her notwithstanding her age and heart murmur. Sadly, routine blood work done at her last vet exam before heading off to her forever home revealed that Jackie O was suffering from an extremely low platelet count that was ultimately diagnosed as immune mediated thrombocytopenia. Although Boston Buddies started her on treatment for the condition her little body started shutting down and with heavy hearts a difficult decision was made to help Jackie O on her journey across the Bridge. Jackie O was surrounded by loving arms as we whispered to her how much she was loved as she began her journey. I know that Jackie O is once again happy and whole with that familiar prance in her step.


She was a special little lady who will always have a place in my heart even though her time with me was but a few short weeks.


God Speed littlest one – beautiful Jackie O. Until we meet again, thank you for spending some of your precious time with me.


Your Foster Mom, Dale Anne


Casey – December 6, 2009

Casey crossed the rainbow bridge early on Sunday morning, December 6, surrounded by his family who loved him so very much. Casey came into rescue weighing only 10lbs – everyone thought it was because he had been found as a stray on the streets. Casey was welcomed into his new family by Robert and David and his new four legged brother Louie. When Casey did not begin to gain weight, it was discovered that Casey was not skinny because of being on the street but because he had a condition called protein losing enteropathy. By that time Casey was already a member of the family and Robert and David had no intention of turning their back on him. Robert and David spent endless hours at various vet appointments trying to find the right person to help Casey and preparing his special diet to help keep him alive. Slowly over time and under the watchful eyes of his dads, Casey started gaining weight.

Casey and his dads always looked forward to the Boston Tea Party and attended every year – it was always a thrill to see how robust Casey had become – truly a testament to the wonderful care and love he was receiving at home. A few weeks before he crossed the bridge Casey was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He seemed to make improvement on medication – to the point that he was again able to express vocal umbrage at the sounds of the neighbor’s dog barking and of a passing helicopter – you see, helicopters were his sworn enemy; as far as Casey was concerned, they had no business being up in the air and passing over his territory. Sadly, Casey’s heart could not continue and on Sunday morning Casey peacefully began his journey across the Bridge surrounded by the love of his family. Casey knew each and every day how much he was loved and cherished by his family. Casey will be missed by his dads and by those of us lucky enough to have known him during his too short time in this world.

Rest in peace Casey

Bowie – December 1, 2009

Our beloved Bowie left us yesterday. We wanted to share a few thoughts about Bowie and say how grateful we are that Boston Buddies brought him into our life.

Bowie came to us July 2004 from Boston Buddies and it was love at first sight. Bowie was a special boy who just wanted everyone to love him and boy did we. He was so much more than a pet he was the perfect companion who loved nothing more than sitting next to you while you pet him. If you forgot he would remind you by touching your hand with his paw.

He was loved by everyone who met him and we will miss our Bowie Boy more than words can say. I know we will see him again and he is watching over us like he always has. We will never forget you Bowie.

The Welsh Family

Mary – June 4, 2009

Mary deserved better in this life. At 16 years old Mary was unceremoniously dumped at the shelter by her owner. After having borne several litters of pups in what must have been a horrible life under his watch, all her owner could say to the shelter personnel as he turned and left her behind was he “did not know what to do with her.” Mary suffered from severe arthritis, numerous (over 50) festering tumors all over her body, severe dental neglect, deafness and she was almost completely blinded by bilateral cataracts (which like every other ailment that afflicted her body had been left untreated for months if not years). And if all that was not enough, we discovered that Mary was suffering from late stage congestive heart failure. How any human being with even a modicum of decency could allow a poor defenseless animal to deteriorate to the condition that Mary was in and then abandon her, blind and deaf, in a shelter full of strange smells and people is beyond our comprehension.

The shelter personnel were just as horrified as we were and reached out to the rescue community for help. Boston Buddies was there as soon as we heard about Mary, took her into our care and drove her immediately to our vet’s office. Sadly, Mary’s condition was grave and her prognosis was not good – her little heart was failing her at an alarming rate. But we were committed to making whatever was left of the rest of her life the best it could be for Mary. Our President took Mary home with the hope of giving her at least one night of love and kindness – perhaps the only love and kindness she would ever know. Rachael gave Mary a bath – maybe the first she had ever had. As the dirt and filth washed away we hoped and prayed that Mary’s spirits and energy would improve. And for just a few minutes it seemed to work – Mary lay her head on Rachael’s chest as she was wrapped in a towel and let out a little sigh and then she lifted her head and gave Rachael a few sweet, tender Boston kisses. But then Mary became agitated again and started pacing in circles and letting out cries and howls. We knew that Mary’s quality of life was not good and we could not justify letting her spend even one more night in pain and agony even though we desperately wanted to show Mary that there were humans who knew how to love a dog and that she was worthy of such love. But we knew that keeping Mary alive to fulfill our desires was not the right thing to do for Mary. So Rachael met the other Director at the vet’s office and with heavy hearts they held Mary and stroked her beautiful, soft fur and whispered to her softly how very much she was loved and with their hands on Mary to let her know that she was not alone and that she did matter in this world they sent her on her journey across the Bridge. Mary died in a room full of strangers who shed more tears for her in that one afternoon than her neglectful owner did during her entire lifetime.

Mary was a sweet girl who deserved so much better than she had in life with an owner who cared so little that he abandoned her in her most desperate hours. All of us at Boston Buddies were honored and blessed to have known Mary for the few short hours that we did. We will remember her always and will continue our efforts to find loving forever homes for needy Bostons as a tribute to her life.

Sweet dreams Mary – we will be looking for you at the Bridge.

Zoe – May 22, 2009

Zoe came into our lives in August of 2007 after we lost our beloved Terry, a Boston/Pit Bull mix, who we had for 17 incredible years. While Zoe did not replace Terry, this little bundle of joy gave us love and happiness in her own special way.


Zoe Terry

Meeting and falling in love with Zoe at the 2007 Boston Buddies Tea Party was meant to be. Everybody at the event adored the cute little puppy peering from her kennel and while we had submitted an Application and gone through the approval process with Boston Buddies beforehand, we weren’t really prepared to bring a new family member home that day. But when Boston Buddies offered us the opportunity to adopt Zoe we just could not pass it up – besides it seemed to us that Zoe had already picked us to be her family. So she came home with us. It was such a big event for us. First stop was the pet store to get the essentials: food, toys, blankets, bed and of course her new tags engraved with her name, new address and family info.


Zoe took over and owned the house immediately. She claimed our walled-in backyard as her own personal kingdom. She was so smart and such a fast learner that she was trained to do her business outside in a very short time. Like all dogs, she dug up small holes everywhere and would hide bones and treats to the frustrations of the gardener whose machines flung those little possessions about 40ft in every direction.

Zoe’s personality began to develop and her habits became part of us. She would sneak up along the top edge of the sofa and hit me if I was too concentrated in watching TV. She wouldn’t stop till she got a response from me at which time she would roll over on her back for me to rub her belly. She would lay down by the kitchen door to listen to the girls play the piano and keep them company while they were doing their homework. Or she would visit my wife while she was in the kitchen making lunch or dinner knowing that she would get some extra nice treats. We were always happy to oblige Zoe.


Parting with Zoe has been very difficult. She was tragically taken from us on the evening of May 22. We came home that night and knew something was very wrong when she didn’t come meet us as she never failed to do. A frantic search of the house and yard revealed that our beautiful little girl had been attacked and killed by coyotes. Rainbow Bridge has received the soul of a sweet, beautiful little pup.


We consider ourselves privileged for the short time we shared with Zoe and her indelible mark on our home and our lives will not be forgotten. Her personalized bowls (hand-painted by the girls) will remain with us forever, regardless of the next pup that comes into our lives. I left her favorite treat for her on her pillow, two almonds. Her little collar with the bell still attached is hanging in our backyard to memorialize her spirit and remind us that she will always be there, playing, waiting for us to come home and protecting her family. We are forever grateful to Boston Buddies for giving us the opportunity to love and be loved by ZOE.


With warm thanks,


Steve, Annabelle, Lorybelle, and Leanne Eisler


Rest In Peace Zoe

Lizzie Joy – May 4, 2009

After almost two wonderful years together, my beautiful little girl, Lizzie Joy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my arms. We found each other when I moved to California and was living by myself for the very first time. I was so lucky to find Boston Buddies, and even luckier to have them place Lizzie Joy in my care. She was truly the best roommate and best friend a girl could ask for. She was my little shoe burglar, and in the hospital this weekend, I made sure I left her one of my shoes in her bed just so that she could feel like she was at home. She was also my super ninja, pulling my bags off of chairs and hiding inside of them, sneaking in naps on a pile of laundry, and squeezing her little body into any nook and cranny she could find in the house. She was such a contemplative, smart little dog, and when I looked in her eyes, there was so much love and feeling there. We had great times sitting at the piano together, walking with the ocean breeze through her hair, and sitting on the patio with her in my lap as we people-watched together. But most of all, I will miss just the simple hours we would spend with her curled up in my arms. She made my transition to my new life the best it could have been, and although I wish we could have had more time together, I’m so thankful that she graced my life with her beautiful presence for even just a little while. She was truly a blessing in every way, and I will always remember her little face and her Boston smile. I know that I rescued her, but she really rescued me. I love you and miss you Lizzie.

Tommy – April 16, 2009

Tommy was my heart dog. The second I saw a photo of him in his foster home I felt a deep connection to him – and when I heard that he had a history of mast cell tumors I just knew in my soul the he was meant to be a member of our family. Tommy came to our home in January 2005. He had been relinquished months earlier to Boston Buddies by his previous owner who had become frustrated in dealing with his destructive behavior when left alone and when he developed a mast cell tumor his owner decided that she had had enough and he had to go. When Boston Buddies took Tommy into rescue they ran some blood tests and were advised by a vet that the mast cell tumor had gone systemic, that Tommy did not have long to live and the best they could do was keep him comfortable until the end came.

At this time I had just started to become involved with Boston Buddies as a volunteer after having adopted my Bella from them a few months earlier. When I heard Tommy’s story it hit close to home as Skeeter, our Boston girl who had crossed the Bridge less than a year earlier, had had mast cell tumors throughout her life. It made me sad to think that Tommy’s prior owner had not taken care of him and had the tumor removed before it spread – I knew that early detection and removal of a mast cell tumor was key to survival. I was even more upset when Boston Buddies told me the vet had said there was nothing to be done but wait for him to die. But when Tommy was still alive a month later I told the people in charge at Boston Buddies that there was no way that the cancer could have gone systemic – if it had then Tommy would surely be showing many signs of degrading health or he would already be gone. I pleaded with them to re-run the tests and asked them to send me all the test results so that I could share them with my vet who had treated my Skeeter with such excellent care. When they finally got me the test results I sent them on immediately to my vet. She read them and called me to let me know that there was no indication that Tommy’s mast cell disease had gone systemic. She recommended that his existing tumor be removed as soon as possible to give him every opportunity for survival. I pleaded with Boston Buddies to let me take Tommy and get him the medical care he needed at my expense – I could not bear the thought that he would die unnecessarily from mast cell because his tumor was not removed. Finally on January 10, 2005 Tommy arrived at my door in the pouring rain.

Tommy was such an easy Boston boy – he came in and settled down right next to me on the couch as if he had known me for years. He met Bella and Oliver (both of who could be a bit testy around new dogs) and everyone was totally cool with each other. We took Tommy to the vet the very next day and they removed not one, but two mast cell tumors from his body. The biopsy report indicated they were both low grade mast cell tumors and that clean margins had been obtained all around – Tommy’s prognosis was excellent! When Tommy’s fur did not grow back from the surgery and he developed a bit of a pot belly my vet suspected he might have Cushing’s disease so we ran tests that confirmed those suspicions. We investigated the various treatment options and settled on a newer treatment protocol at that time – trilostane. We had to order the drug from overseas and have it shipped to us under an FDA waiver program – but it was all worth it when it controlled Tommy’s Cushing’s disease. One side effect of the trilostane was that his fur grew back much longer and wavier than a Boston’s normal coat. When he had a bath his fur would get all curled up – almost like he had a perm! His Auntie Elaine said he looked like a Buffalo Boston!

Tommy endured more than his share of health issues during his years with us – Cushing’s, mast cell tumors, a growing pituitary tumor, an adrenal tumor and several bouts with mange – and never once did he complain. Without hesitation we provided Tommy with the best vet care – we will be eternally grateful to the excellent doctors at VCA El Rancho Animal Hospital in Temecula and the world class specialists at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego. Each time we spotted a suspicious growth we had it removed and biopsied – often times it would be a benign growth but we could never be too cautious. We took Tommy in for routine tests to confirm his Cushing’s was still being controlled by the trilostane and when the pituitary tumor that caused the Cushing’s started growing we took Tommy in for three weeks of daily radiation treatments to shrink the tumor. On April 15 Tommy suffered what we thought was a small stroke but what ended up being two episodes of him fainting due to a previously unknown heart condition – an ECG indicated that he had a third degree AV block – basically the upper chamber of Tommy’s heart was not transmitting to the lower chamber. This condition usually calls for the implantation of a pacemaker which we were prepared to do – but before we proceeded with surgery the doctor first wanted to see if Tommy responded to some drug therapies. Tragically, during the course of drug treatment (which actually had some short term effect) Tommy stopped breathing and our beautiful baby boy was gone.

Tommy was such a joyful, happy boy – while Tommy did not like to be left alone, as long as he had another dog or a person around Tommy was the best behaved dog. Tommy was the perfect dog. He was friendly and happy and just wanted to hang out and snooze. Tommy met every one of the many foster dogs we took in for Boston Buddies – he was always a gentleman and could be counted on to show the new dog around the yard. When we brought Pollyanna and Walter into our home Tommy welcomed them with open paws – although he was not always happy when Walter got onto mom’s lap first but a cookie always seemed to cure those blues. Tommy loved to sleep in my arms like a baby – he would lay there for hours and I became quite proficient at one-handed typing so as not to disturb him. Tommy would follow me down the hallway to the kitchen every morning for his morning cookie. Then he would follow me back to bed and snuggle on my lap while I had my first cup of coffee. Tommy slept right next to me every night – he loved sleeping on the pillows. On nice days you knew you could find Tommy having a sun bath on the double chaise lounge by the pool. Tommy adored being on our boat – he loved to lie on deck and watch the world go by in Avalon Harbor at Catalina Island. His rides in the shore boat around the harbor drew much attention. Tommy was a very special dog – he was a gentle soul who never complained and never met a person he did not love. He LOVED his cookies and he endured his mom dressing him up with good humor.

While Tommy’s death was a shock, we take solace in the knowledge that Tommy is now healthy and whole and playing with Abby, Mr. Emerson, Quincy, Skeeter, Sabrina and Pollyanna in the verdant green fields and that they are all waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge while munching on an endless supply of cookies.


So many people have sent loving and kind thoughts to Tommy and our family in this time of deep sadness – we have taken great solace in those thoughts and will be forever grateful to those who sent them. The day after Tommy died we received a delivery of the most beautiful spring flowers with the following message attached: “Thank you for giving me the best of homes. You made my life so wonderful with your love and care. I want you to know that I’m in another heavenly place. Your Tommy” After recovering from our surprise and drying our tears we contacted Grandma who said that when she said goodbye to Tommy at the specialty hospital Tommy had asked her to send the flowers from him.

Tommy made all of our lives wonderful and we believe he left a very special legacy – whenever someone thinks of Tommy they start smiling. Tommy, even through our tears, this smile’s for you!

Until we meet again, sweet dreams baby boy.


The Engman Family – Mark, Karen, Brittany, Oliver, Bella and Walter

Special thanks to the following people who have made donations in Tommy’s memory:
Mary Hook
Judy Marks

Sammy Davis Jr. – April 5, 2009

Since he was a full-blooded Boston Terrier, you were probably using him as a stud service. And since he looked to be about 5 at the time, his time probably grew nigh. In any case, there he was on the street–unneutered and unprepared for a dog eat dog world, so to speak. Your dog wandered around a poor neighborhood, scavenging food on people’s property and getting buckshot on his body for his trouble. At some point, one of his eyes got poked out. And only G-d knows how much time when by until Sonia, the UPS driver, making a stop in Patterson to deliver some pay-as-you-go cell phones, found him, big smile on his face, in her passenger seat. Boy, where his teeth worn down; what was he eating for breakfast, rocks? She tried to shoo him out. He wouldn’t go (one of the first things we learned about your dog was his great love of the car). She inquired around about the dog; most of your neighbors ignored her. Finally, a child who spoke English said to her, “Lady, that’s nobody’s dog.” And she did what any animal sucker does. She drove away with him (seatbelt on, of course).

Bad news at the vet – Despite the smile, it seemed your dog had a blockage in his small intestine and needed an operation. Maybe that’s why your dog didn’t get out of the truck; he knew he needed help. The vet offered to put him down. Sonia said no. The surgery was a success, and your dog was neutered, micro chipped and sent home with Sonia…where she was confronted with reality. In her line of work, run-over kittens, lame dogs, and crushed snakes was just a Tuesday for her. She didn’t have the room to take care of him. So she put him on CL, where there were tons of responses ….until they found out about the missing eye. What a shallow world. Finally, she contacted Boston Buddies (there was no response at the Northern one at the time – 2003). We had been in touch with Boston Buddies, and had had the home check…we wanted a little bundle of Boston for our own. They delivered your dog to our apartment in Spring (March) of 2003. He was so excited to meet us; he dragged Sonia up the stairs and down the hall. And there he stayed. In a flood of tears, she left.

Since New Mother was Jewish and he had one eye, he was named Sammy Davis, Jr., to the delight of all Jews and vet techs everywhere (and the dismay of one skinhead at Brainwash). We soon learned he didn’t know anything like Sit or Stay. Shannon at Perfect Paws took care of that, and he won a contest in class for holding the longest stay–TWICE! He could bend it like Beckham with the soccer ball and chase tennis balls with bursts of speed. It was a thrill to watch. He loved to lick children’s dirty hands. He always had a ball in his mouth. He was a hit at BBQs, but he had a hard time with “off” when the food was super good. New Mother taught him to roll over, speak, and play dead. Nighttimes were spent snuggling under a blanket in front of the Independent movies New Mother loves so much. Doorbells were no match for him. He and New Daddy dressed as firemen for the Folsom Street Fair.

And when he got his little sister, he kept her in line. Whenever she did something he didn’t approve of, like her lunging at a stranger, he lunged at her. Then he’d pick on her…sniffing her butt until she got mad and would run away.

He barked in the face of danger…this included garbage trucks and the ocean. We loved to clean around the house with the Dirt Devil so he could show it a thing or two. And talent! He could imitate an ambulance and Julie Andrews’ high notes in Victor Victoria. Maybe he missed his calling in New York.

Then the bladder infections wouldn’t go away. An ultrasound told us Sammy wouldn’t be with us much longer. That last day with us turned out to be yesterday, April 5, 2009, where Sammy died right in front of me. We wrapped him in a towel and Eric got busy with the shovel. He looked exactly the same….like he was just sleeping. We put him in the hole at midnight last night with the blue squeaky ball. Looking into the hole, I could only see that beautiful Boston Terrier head with the white stripe….and I wondered for the millionth time who you were, that person in Patterson who missed out on the dog who gave me nothing but joy. As I buried Sammy, I let it go. He was all mine because the pleasure had been all mine.

Mitzie – February 23, 2009

Mitzie was born September 4, 1994. She must have been shipped from a puppy farm as her papers said she was from out of state. I first laid eyes on her at Wildwood’s Pet Store in Yorba Linda. She was 4 months old. I was shopping for a Boston Terrier for my husband. He was familiar with the breed and wanted one. I had never known a Boston Terrier and I was not particularly excited about the breed but thought it would be a nice gift for my husband. I would be kind to her, but she would belong to him. NOT! Mitzie and I bonded within days of her arrival at our home.

She was the most loving, sweet, fun, energetic little dog I had ever known! I fell in love with the breed. She kissed everyone she came in contact with… loved people and other dogs! She was a clown! She could entertain herself for hours playing ball on the stairway! She would toss the ball down the stairs and then chase it and run back up to the top with the ball in her mouth. One time she got so wild in her game that she made a big dent in the drywall at the bottom of the stairway… we had to patch the hole!

When I worked out of town Mitzie would go to my cousin’s in Norco where she could run in the horse arena and learn to love carrots. She loved going to the ‘ranch’. When we were in the car on our way to Norco, as soon as she would get a whiff of the horse country she would start whining…so excited about the impending visit she could hardly contain herself!

When Mitzie turned 11, I thought it would be a good idea to adopt a homeless Boston. I found Boston Buddies and that is how we got little Chela. Mitzie was so generous and sweet with Chela. She welcomed her into our home, would often kiss her and she shared everything with her including mom’s attention and love.

As Mitzie aged she became deaf and then almost blind. Her little back legs became weak and unstable. Sadly, at age 14 it was time for Mitzie to go to Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss her terribly. I don’t think I will ever know the same bond with a doggy that I have been so Blessed to know Mitzie. I find comfort in the memories of the joy and love she brought to us in her little life!

Terry – January 20, 2009

When my 15 year-old lab mix died my Boston Terrier was so depressed over the loss of his life-long companion that I knew I had find him another companion for him to recover. The local rescue group asked me if I would consider adopting a senior dog. I hadn’t ever given any thought to adopting a senior dog. After weighing the pros and cons I decided that a senior would be a good fit. I adopted Nick in April when he was nine. My kids asked me “Dad, why did you get him. He’s not going to live very long?” I just felt that I would like the feeling of knowing I’d give a dog that most people wouldn’t want a home for the rest of his life. The fact that senior Bostons are mellower than younger dogs while still having all the great personality quirks and playfulness of the younger ones made my decision a good choice. Nick is still alive and well three years later and has become my shadow as he has fully attached himself to me. He had a great life before I adopted him and he just continued his life in my home.

About six months after getting Nick I was feeling very pleased and satisfied with the choice I made so, just out of curiosity, I read through the list of dogs available for adoption through Boston Buddies of Southern California. There I found what was later to provoke the proverbial question I would be asked numerous times. The target of the question was a senior Boston named Terry. The question “You got WHAT dog”? Terry’s bio read:

“Sweet Terry found himself abandoned at the South LA Shelter by his owners at the old age of 15. He was replaced for a puppy and was now having to start over. At least his owners had the decency to leave him with a name. But we wonder if the owners were being truthful about his age, as Terry is a robust 23lb boy with lots of energy. He has limited vision due to cataracts but he can hear the refrigerator door open across the room, and will come running hoping for a tasty snack. Terry mapped out his foster home right away and knows to go outside to do his business. He loves to lay in the sun or by your feet while you read. He is dog friendly and is happy to be a member of the pack. Terry is looking for a loving home to spend the rest of his days”

I was hooked probably because of the feeling I knew he must have had being dumped at that age. Fortunately for me my local rescue group gave me a positive recommendation and I was okayed to adopt Terry.

I met Terry and knew he was for me despite my friend describing him as “hard on the eyes.” Terry became part of the family and was immediately accepted as part of the pack by the other Bostons. When I adopted Terry I was again greeted with the question “You got WHAT dog?” Terry’s big personality and unmitigated joy at being in a home soon won over everyone. Missing an eye and having less sight than initially thought didn’t hold him back. A simple touch on the nose got him started in the direction I’d want him to go. He then would jump and twist with joy. Simply talking to Terry produced the same kind of obvious elation that his attempts to play with the other dogs invoked. He would get the biggest smile on his face, his whole face would light up, his eye would light up. Terry was one happy senior boy in his new home. Terry’s initial trip to the vet brought the vet’s assessment that Terry was probably was closer to twelve years old than fifteen but had a weak heart. The vet said it could be two months or it could be two years.

Terry Taking a Nap

As time went on, Terry was a happy, happy boy being in good health despite suffering occasional heart spells which would cause symptoms mimicking small seizures. I found the best remedy was just to hold the him until his heart returned to normal and the spells passed. Slowly the heart spells became more common but no more severe. It really didn’t change Terry’s lifestyle much as he was just happy to be part of the pack and know he was loved by his owner. I went on vacation for a week and when I got back Terry didn’t seem the same energetic boy he’d been. I’d been on vacation before and it never really fazed him. This time he seemed sad and lethargic upon my return. Thinking it was probably just depression, I gave him extra attention on the day of my return and his depression seemed to lift but the lethargy seemed to hang on and he just wanted to sleep with his head on my chest. Terry had three or four small spells in the two days since I returned but none seemed too bad. On January 20, 2009, Terry’s weak, old, happy heart finally gave out.

Terry lived the final fourteen months of his life with me and I’d do it all over again in a second.

Rest in peace old buddy, it’s warm and you can see again. – Ed Daley

Bailey – December 13, 2008

After a short but wonderful three years with our family, our dear sweet Bailey was put to sleep on Saturday, December 13, 2008.

It was back in February 2006 when we first met Bailey. Daddies Phillip and Jeremy already lived at the time with their one-year-old pug, Louie, who was very lonely and wanted a friend. We met the folks from Boston Buddies at an adoption fair in Van Nuys.

When Judy from Boston Buddies introduced us to Bailey, it was love at first site. Poor little Bailey came from a shelter in Bakersfield, and he had a grade 4 luxating patella in his back left leg. He also had an enlarged heart – we like to say it was because he had so much love inside of it. We were able to fix his leg so that he had three final wonderful years on it, but eventually, his little heart grew too large for his body.

Bailey was a spunky Boston, who liked to let the pug know who was in charge! Louie would run circles around Bailey, and they would play almost every day together.

They cuddled in the same snoozy bed together and loved to rest in front of the fireplace; when they did so they looked like a couple of sardines! They also liked to sleep in bed and cuddle with their daddies every night!

Bailey’s favorite thing was to lie in the sun in the middle of the morning. He loved walks through his neighborhood in Studio City and he loved to go to the park on weekends, and wander around and take in all of the smells. He loved his walker, Sabrina, and his best friends, Kiddo and Mambo.

The last few days were very hard for Bailey and his daddies. He was having such a hard time breathing and Phillip and Jeremy did everything they could to try to make him comfortable again.

When it was time to send Bailey over the rainbow bridge, Bailey’s daddies cried so much. But in his last moments, in his bed, the folks from TLC in West Hollywood did everything they could to make him as comfortable as possible. He passed very peacefully, with his favorite toys around him, and with his daddies holding him and talking to him – telling him how much they loved him and how much he had changed their lives through all of his love. Bailey will never be forgotten in our hearts, and through the work that Boston Buddies accomplishes.

Special thanks to the following people who have made donations in Bailey’s memory:

Phillip Aleman
Jeremy Blacklow
Richard Chung
Alycia Stevenin

Louie – November 23, 2008

Louie led a storied life full of mystery and intrigue. Louie found himself in the Baldwin Park shelter in June of 2006. Boston Buddies rescued him from the shelter and placed him into a home with a Boston sister named Ellie. The unthinkable happened on August 4, 2006, when Louie, Ellie and their dad were headed out to Palm Springs for the weekend. When their dad stopped at a gas station for some water, two men broke into the car and stole Ellie and Louie, jumping into a getaway car and speeding away. Even with the offer of a large cash reward, posting notices of the crime, making a police report and review of security camera footage, Ellie and Louie were not returned.

Months went by and there was no word on either Louie or Ellie. Then, in mid March 2007 a Boston Buddies volunteer noticed a listing on Petfinder for a dog that they recognized as Louie. The dog was with another rescue group and Boston Buddies contacted them and it was confirmed through microchip identification that the dog was Louie! Louie had come to this rescue group through a mysterious chain of people and events. Sadly, there was no word or evidence of what had happened to Ellie. The man who had owned Louie and Ellie at the time of their abduction was too devastated over the loss of the dogs and decided that he was not in a position to take Louie back.

So Louie was returned to Boston Buddies and was immediately taken in for some badly needed vet care. He was not talking, but it was clear that Louie had been through some rough times while he was missing. But Louie seemed to know that his life was looking brighter and he was right! Within a few weeks of his return, Louie found himself in the most wonderful forever home with two dads who have doted on him and his adopted brother Casey (also from Boston Buddies) from day one. Louie’s dads took the best care of him and Casey (who was a Special Needs Buddy with a condition known as protein losing enteropathy). Anytime either of the dogs needed care they were rushed to the doctor and they even had their meals home cooked for them. Casey and Louie are featured dogs for the month of November in the 2008 Boston Buddies Rescue Calendar.

Casey and Louie

A few weeks ago Louie started losing his balance and having what they thought were small seizures. Tests were run and he was placed on medication, but sadly he continued to rapidly decline and over the weekend the most difficult, but kindest, decision of all was made and Louie was sent over the Rainbow Bridge.

His dads and Casey miss him terribly – there is a huge hole left in their family by Louie’s absence. But they take comfort in knowing that he knew he was in the most fabulous home and was loved to no end.

Rest in Peace Louie – you will always be remembered.

Hope – November 22, 2008


Dear Sweet Hope. When Boston Buddies learned that there was a senior girl in the shelter with an eye coming out of the socket, we rushed right down and got her out on a foster basis so we could get her the medical care she needed. Hope could not stand or walk and her eye was so severely damaged that it had to be removed. Her balance problems were diagnosed as vestibular syndrome and with hospitalization, time and medication she recovered – although she still had a little tilt to her head which we all thought was charming. We also discovered that Hope had an enlarged heart and a Grade 4 heart murmur. She was placed on medication for that and continued to thrive in her foster home.

Hope loved to go the dog park and make the rounds saying hello to everyone there. She always had a smile on her face and just loved to be held and snuggled. Hope had such an infectious personality and was so sweet natured that she was selected to open The Pet Place TV Show one weekend! Her foster mom dressed her in the finest attire – she was surely the best dressed Boston around – and when she was feeling especially saucy she would put on her red wig and prance around with abandon!

Hope Feeling Saucy!

Sadly, it seems Hope’s heart finally gave out on her and with many tears and aching hearts we knew that it was time to hold her one last time and let her spirit go. Her foster mom was with her and held her in her arms telling Hope how much everyone loved her. Hope was blessed to have the best foster mom in the world and a wide swath of people who met her and loved her and thought about her every day.

She truly touched so many hearts in her few short months with Boston Buddies and brought joy to all who met her. When word of her passing was made known so many people wrote in with wonderful caring thoughts and memories of Hope – it truly touched all of us. One of the most poignant came from Katie who spent time with Hope at the Best Friends Adoption Fair. Katie said “I learn a lot from all of the people and animals I come into contact with. From Hope I learned that you can be happy no matter what your situation is, and that life is lived best with a big smile on your face!”


Katie and Hope

Special thanks to our friends and supporters that sent donations, prayers and healing energy for sweet little Hope. It is because of Boston Buddies supporters like you that Hope was able to spend the last months of her life being spoiled and loved in the warm comfort of a happy foster home instead of dying alone and afraid in a cold, scary shelter like so many other abandoned and forgotten companions. We couldn’t save dogs like Hope without your generous support. Thanks to each and every one of you, from Hope, and from all of us.

Rest in peace Hope – you will not be forgotten.


Pollyanna – October 27, 2008


Pollyanna found herself in rescue at 12 years old when her family lost their home and could no longer provide for her and her then 8 year old pug brother Walter. Boston Buddies was determined to keep Walter and Polly together as each evening Walter would seek out Polly and the two of them would groom each other – Polly gently licking Walter’s head and Walter licking Polly’s armpit. Our family was blessed to have them as foster dogs and as months went by and no one seemed interested in adopting 12 year old Polly we took it as a sign that they had found their new forever home. Let’s be honest though – we weren’t going to let them go anywhere else by that time! We were overjoyed to welcome them into our family. Polly was the matriarch of the Engman Pack – in her own very quiet and calm way she maintained control and when Bella and Oliver would get too rambunctious Polly would let them know to quiet down – and they would!

Last July Polly started having seizures and after running tests, doing xrays, ultrasounds, an MRI and a CT Scan it was discovered that Polly was suffering from a meningioma brain tumor. Even with a valiant fight and three weeks of radiation, Polly lost her battle.

Polly had the most beautiful white eyelashes and you could not help but kissing her adorable up turned nose. And the prance in her step when she was on her way to the cookie jar – what a sight! I will miss my early morning companion while making coffee and checking email. I will miss her soft snore from under my desk during the day. And Walter misses his nightly grooming partner.

Our family is heartbroken to lose this sweet and special member of our family. We were so lucky to have had a bit over two years with her – we wish it could have been much much longer! We are certain she is happy once again and prancing around a beautiful grass field (maybe even digging up some dirt and eating it like she used to do when she thought mom was not watching).

As I was sitting in my car and crying in the parking lot at the vet hospital after saying goodbye I looked up to see a beautiful hummingbird with the sun shining on its iridescent feathers flitting amongst all the birds of paradise plants in front of the building – my heart told me it was Polly letting me know her spirit was free and happy and waiting for me at the Bridge.

Rest in Peace Pollyanna. The Engman Family – Mark, Karen, Brittany, Oliver, Tommy, Bella and Walter

Footnote: During her time with us Polly developed pemphigus, an autoimmune skin disorder, and was treated by the wonderful veterinary dermatologists at Animal Dermatology Clinic. Polly was in total remission from the pemphigus when she started her seizures. Upon hearing of Polly’s passing, Polly’s doctors at Animal Dermatology Clinic made a contribution in Polly’s name to the American College of Veterinary Dermatology to help fund research on dermatological diseases that threaten the well being of all pets. We are most grateful for that contribution.

Mrs. O’Mally – October 22, 2008

Dear Sweet Mally – Thanks for being such a wonderful companion, rest in peace, girl. – Lori Lynn

Mrs. O’Mally was my sweet companion for almost 9 years. I rescued her when she was one year old. After rescuing Mrs. O, I have since rescued Homer and then Wilson from Boston Terrier rescues. Homer was with us for a relatively short time. He was older when I got him and had been abused and had many health issues. We gave him a loving home for his final years. Of course I still miss him terribly. Wilson is 5 years old now; we got him after Homer passed. Aside from being sad and wondering where Mally is, he is doing fine. A couple years ago, poor Wilson was brutally attacked by another dog, his eye severely damaged. And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, his previous owners decided to dump him at a shelter. Boston Buddies rescued Wilson, but were unable to save his eye. Yet, in spite of his bad experience, Wilson is a love bug. I read about him on their web site and soon after, he came to live with us. He and Mrs. O’Mally were great pals.

Mrs. O’Mally, from Halloween 2004. She was such a good sport when it came to dressing up.

In honor of my little Mally, I would like to suggest to those that are thinking about getting a pet, to please consider a rescue. These precious beings seem to be so grateful to finally find a safe, permanent loving home.

Madelaine – October 3, 2008

Maddie was so much more than just a pet…She was my baby, my princess, my comfort, and my joy (all rolled into one little package!). She licked tears off my face, and made me laugh out loud. She was perfectly imperfect (crooked teeth, crooked tail, and one floppy ear). A dear friend of mine called her my “spirit guide.” The things she loved most in this world were peanut butter, laying in the sun, and licking (people, pig ears, and paws). I’d like to think she loved her mommy too…I miss her terribly, but I know she is at peace. She was loved by many, and her memory lives on in the love and laughs she left us. I am forever grateful to the good people who trusted me to care for this amazing creature.

Aimee Masserman

Bruno – October 8, 2008

When Boston Buddies saw Bruno’s listing and photo at the shelter we could not believe our eyes. At 15 years old, Bruno had been unceremoniously dumped at the shelter by his owners – that is correct, he was turned into the shelter by the people he had spent his life loving! The shelter personnel asked us to come get Bruno as soon as possible as he was old and feeble and had an enlarged heart – unfortunately it was too late for us to get there that day so Bruno was forced to spend the night in a cold cage all alone wondering what was happening to him. Our volunteer was at the shelter at opening time the next day. When they walked Bruno out of the kennels our volunteer gasped out loud – he was the tiniest, most frail senior she had ever seen, all hunched up from severe arthritis to his hips, a coarse coat of fur from lack of nutrition, ear tips eaten by flies from being outside, nails far too long from neglect and the saddest eyes. Our volunteer scooped Bruno up in her arms and it was then that she discovered that Bruno was incontinent with a steady drip, drip, drip of urine. Closer examination revealed urine burns on his skin from prolonged exposure. The shelter personnel offered a fresh blanket to wrap Bruno in for his trip to the vet. During the trip to the vet our volunteer spoke softly to Bruno letting him know he was with people who cared about him and loved him. Bruno had the weary look of a soul that was tired of this world and had given up hope. The news at the vet was not good – Bruno’s heart condition was extremely severe and his arthritis made it almost impossible for him to walk and he was clearly in pain. We knew that we had to do for Bruno what his owners would not – and so after cradling Bruno for some time and letting him have a gentle nap in our arms, with heavy hearts we gathered in a room and held him and whispered words of love in his ears as we sent him on his journey across the Bridge.

We will never understand how anyone could dump their 15 year old dog at the shelter to spend his last night on earth in a cold shelter cage and die in a room full of strangers. Bruno deserved much better than that.

We will light candles to remember Bruno and ease his transition from pain to joy on a new journey filled only with Love. We place this Memorial in his honor and to affirm to the world that Bruno did matter and was loved.

Rest in peace Bruno.

Fester – July 4, 2008

Here is a picture of my beautiful boy, Fester. He’s the best man I’ve ever known. I can’t imagine life without him. I loved him so.

-Rose McGowan-

Rose had never had a pet before she got Bug and Fester, two very lucky Boston terriers saved by Rose from horrible conditions. When she first got Fester he was a skinny, sickly little boy – but Rose showered him with love and the best of everything and he blossomed into the handsome Boston gentleman seen in many photographs with Rose and Bug. Bug and Fester became a very important part of Rose’s life, filling it with joy and laughter, often accompanying her to events and on errands about town. Rose even interviewed Bug and Fester for a May 2000 article in Interview Magazine.

Fester was named after Uncle Fester from the Adams Family. Fester had been ill in recent months and on July 4 his little body could take no more and he made his journey across the Rainbow Bridge. We hope that Rose and Bug are remembering the happy times they shared with Fester and taking comfort in the knowledge that great love never dies, it becomes part of who we are forever.

Through the years Rose has been a generous donor to several Boston rescue groups, including Boston Buddies and Boston Terrier Rescue Net, and that generosity, as well as the generosity of her friends, has allowed these groups to help many more Boston terriers in need all across the country. From all the Bostons who have been saved because of her –Thank you Rose.

Rest in Peace Fester – your love will continue on.

Emily Beverly Bemmerstein – June 26, 2008

Emily was rescued from the Downey shelter by Judy just a little bit over nine years ago when she was just three or four years old. Emily had been bred far too many times and was in bad shape. Judy nursed her back to health and during their years together a strong and special bond of love was forged – when you saw Emily look at Judy you felt how very deep Emily’s love for Judy was. Judy always said that Emily was a bit like Greta Garbo so she gave her a stage name, “Vivian DeLongpaw” a diva who just “vants to be alone!” Emily shared her home with Judy, her Boston brother Chumley and the occasional Boston Buddies foster dog. She also enjoyed the daily company of her friends Mikey and Dugan. Emily, Chumley and her late Boston brother, Bones, were the featured dogs for the month of May in Boston Buddies 2008 Rescue Calendar. Emily’s health started failing in the past year and after numerous tests and vet visits Emily was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and an inoperable liver tumor. Judy did everything she could to make sure Emily was comfortable during whatever time she had left and her friend Mikey was always good for a random kiss on the head. Emily now joins her late brother H. Bones Mahoney and her human boyfriend Mik Mikkelson. She will be greatly missed.

Special thanks to the following people who have made donations in Emily’s memory:

Tammy Stevenson
Jemima Wechsler
Anita and Daisy Butler
Karen Sigloh

Sugar – June 21, 2008

Sugar came to Boston Buddies from the Lancaster shelter three years ago. When our volunteer picked Sugar up at the shelter she found an extremely skinny, sick dog with nails over an inch long and on top of all that, Sugar was blind. Sugar was taken into permanent foster care by Kelly and her wonderful family. When Sugar passed, Kelly shared these memories with us:

Our little Sugar came to us badly malnourished, with broken teeth, arthritis, and blind due to trauma (the vet’s suspicion). It was hard to tell how old Sugar was but our guess was 12+. We took her in, loved her madly, and let her little personality come to life. She bumped her way around, learned to use the doggie door immediately (she never had an accident in the house), and her favorite thing was to snuggle and be held in our arms like a baby. My daughter, Ava, was very close to her and just asked me this morning if she was Sugar’s mom – of course I told her yes.

Our little blind Sugie is free of her fragile body and I’d like to think that my dad met her in heaven and she is frolicking – full of life again, with all our other Bostons who have passed. Please say a little prayer for our darling girl.

Boston Buddies will be eternally grateful to Kelly and her family for opening their hearts and home to Sugar and showering her with love and kindness for all those years and letting Sugar know that she was a treasured and valued member of their family. They were truly Sugar’s angels on earth.

Billy – June 20, 2008

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, we share the sad news that Billy, one of our Special Needs Buddies – lost his valiant fight and made his journey across the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His adoptive mom held him in her arms and rocked him while he passed peacefully from this world.

Test results from a few weeks ago had shown that Billy was losing massive quantities of protein from his kidneys. Boston Buddies took him to an internist in San Diego where he was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis – an inflammation of the filtering units in the kidneys. A kidney biopsy confirmed the diagnosis and Billy was started on a special diet and medication to treat the effects of the GN.

Notwithstanding the new treatment, Billy’s health started to drastically decline – he was walking in smaller and smaller circles, not eating, had uncontrolled shaking and continued lethargy and lack of awareness of his surroundings. We knew we had to do the respectful and correct thing and made the very difficult decision to allow Billy to pass gracefully.

We know Billy is in a better place now and we know Billy and his story touched hundreds of hearts – we received so many messages of support and love from the public. Billy made one last trip to school to say goodbye to his adoptive mom’s students – over 100 high school students who had met Billy and become involved in his life’s struggles wept and said their goodbyes to this brave little dog. And while Billy lost his valiant fight to come back from the cruel and unthinkable things done to him – we take some solace in knowing that Billy had a soft, warm bed to lay his head on for the last few months of his life and that he felt the love and kindness of those who cared for him and those who were touched by his story.

Boston Buddies will be forever grateful to his foster mom for her unconditional love and vast amounts of compassion and care for Billy during the months he was with her. Without her, Billy would not have known kindness, a gentle touch and pure love. And there are no words that can adequately express our deep respect and admiration for Billy’s adoptive family. They adopted Billy knowing there were no guarantees of improved health – although no one expected him to take a turn for the worse so soon. They loved and pampered Billy during his far too short time with them and provided tremendous support to us while we did our best to do what was right for Billy.

As we were struggling with the decision to let Billy go, his adoptive mom told us this: I believe he came to me, to help him cross over the bridge to a beautiful play area with green grass, wonderful smells, blue sky, lots of toys and friends to play with forever, while God watches and laughs. Thank you for Billy, we love him and are touched by him. Through the despicable treatment he endured at human hands, Boston Buddies has yet again amazed me at the amount of unconditional love for these forgotten beautiful black and white beans God has given. Boston Buddies rocks. I am honored to be affiliated with such a valiant group.

I have seen amazing, cruel and unthinkable things, in my life, done to animals at the hands of humans, at Katrina, the wild fires and the rescue work I have done. I am trained for the worst and have seen much of it. Billy has touched me about as much as the battered, beaten and scared horses that we pulled from the toxic waters after Katrina. Many of the animals were destroyed before the flood hit. Yet, the grace these animals had to make it through and live is remarkable. Billy is like them. He stuck it through and has made a valiant fight. Now let us honor him by letting him go

Each of us who were touched by Billy is a better person because of Billy and his presence in this world. We look forward to the day when we will be reunited with a happy, healthy and playful Billy.

Rest in peace Billy – you will not be forgotten.

Special thanks to the following people who have made donations in Billy’s memory:

Gabe Ugolini (aka Snicker’s Dad)
Tammy Stevenson

Zappa – June 16, 2008

Zappa came to Boston Buddies in early 2007 when his original owner died. Zappa was quickly adopted by a wonderful couple who was looking for a special dog to bring some sunshine into their lives. They met Zappa and knew immediately that he was their new family member. They showered Zappa with love and kindness. Zappa knew he had a special job to do in his new family – he strived each day to lighten the spirit of his new mom who had been battling a long term illness and to provide love and support to his new dad. Zappa excelled at his job and brought overwhelming joy to his new family. Zappa’s mom and dad marveled everyday at the simple, little, funny things Zappa did to amuse them and bring smiles to their faces. When Zappa started having seizures and turning in circles they rushed him to the emergency vet and despite heroic efforts, the difficult decision was made to send Zappa over the Rainbow Bridge. His mom and dad are heartbroken to lose their special friend and family member, but they know that Zappa is running and playing with abandon in the beauty that lies beyond and they will always treasure the time they were blessed by having Zappa with them.

Rest in peace Zappa.

Marvin – April 25, 2008

Marvin and Stan

Three years ago I met Judy Marks and adopted The Marvin from Boston Buddies. Judy is a remarkable woman and thankfully let Marvin come and live with me.

Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and love.

From the beginning Marvin walked on the edge of life and death. Every vet I took him to told me he wouldn’t make it and I should put him down.

Marvin’s Shelter Photo

Well, for three years we fought together. I learned determination and perseverance from him. Through a combination of drugs and determination Marvin defied all the odds and lived life voraciously. It was like he knew he had to cram a whole lot of life in a short space of time.

Marvin and His Louis Vuitton Collar

I’ve never met a more entitled dog. Marvin was convinced the world was here for his control and enjoyment. Although he could barely walk he was the alpha dog in my house of a pit bull and german shepherd.

Baxter, Marvin and Sophie

He was so smart he would figure out ways to thwart me. It took clever planning on his part and I was always amazed at how creative his disobedience was.

Although I love all my animals, somehow Marvin simply assumed he would be loved most. And he was right. I loved him tremendously and without reservation

After a long and difficult battle, Marvin died peacefully here at my home surrounded by his friends.

Marvin at Home

I will miss him terribly. But as much as I loved the little guy, I believe he loved me even more. Thank you for bringing him into my life

Stan Smith

A Word From Boston Buddies

Marvin touched so many lives in his short time here on earth. Marvin was happy, beautiful and loved every day of his life once he was rescued by Judy and adopted by Stan. Boston Buddies will be forever grateful to Judy for getting Marvin out of the shelter and to Stan for all the love and care and kindness he gave to Marvin during his time with him.

Paddy Boy – January 2008

Sweet funny little Paddy Boy was a beloved member of a very special family. Although small in size at only 11 pounds, Paddy had a BIG heart and shared his love with everyone he met. Even though they had just lost their senior Boston boy Winston a few months earlier at age 15, Paddy’s family agreed to foster Charlie, a ten year old Boston whose owners had taken him to the shelter to be euthanized because he was too old. Paddy was a very gracious host to Charlie who sometimes liked to butt in when Paddy was being loved on by the family. When the family decided to keep Charlie it was fine with Paddy and the two senior guys hung out and snuggled together on the couch. At the end of last Summer, the family moved back East taking Paddy and Charlie with them. Paddy’s liver started to fail and even though at 13 years old Paddy remained alert the family knew it was time to send him on his journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Paddy’s spirit lives on in his family and all of the lives he touched.

Mickey – February 2008

Mickey was a senior boy whose dad had recently passed away. The rest of the family had no time or room for him and asked Boston Buddies to take him. When we saw a photo of Mickey we were horrified to see his condition and our volunteer, Betty, ran right over and rescued him from the cold, dirty backyard that had been his home. Mickey was incredibly emaciated and had painful cataracts and ulcers that had been left untreated for years. Mickey was very unsteady on his legs and when we asked when he had last eaten the family was not really sure as they said he had not been hungry since his dad had died. Well, Mickey gobbled up two treats from Betty with gusto and when he arrived at Kathy’s home he gobbled up his dinner and had a ravenous appetite but he was so weak he kept falling over. Kathy spent the night with Mickey on the couch with Mickey wrapped in a warm blanket and on a soft pillow. Mickey loved to have his ears rubbed. When we took him to the vet the news was not good – test results showed that his body was filled with cancerous tumors and there was nothing to be done for poor Mickey. Mickey’s motor skills were deteriorating rapidly, his organs were quickly failing and he was in tremendous pain. Summoning all their emotional strength, Rachael held Mickey in her arms and Kathy cradled his little head as we released Mickey from his pain and he transitioned to the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by love. We know that Mickey is now running pain free to join pals he knew before and sit in the lap of his Daddy, whose spirit had already passed.

Here is Kathy’s tribute to Mickey: Mickey was very sweet, a sliver of a dog with a tenacious little spirit that kept him going long past the time when his body was useful as he was filled with cancerous tumors, one of which was on his liver. I think Betty, myself and Rachael were chosen to meet this little one at the end of his earthly life so that we were there to give him a soft comforter, a lap, great treats and ear rubs at a time when his spirit was about ready to journey beyond his frail body. Without us he would have died alone in a cold backyard, dirty, and with no one nearby to say, “I love you, go and do what you have to do in peace.” “Run and meet your Daddy, who did love you and is waiting for you.”

Without Boston Buddies to take Mickey he would have suffered alone. Instead, he passed with caring arms around him.

We will remember you with love Mickey.

Bruno – February 4, 2008

Scott and Brunie

Bruno came to Boston Buddies in June of 2005. Bruno was lucky to be fostered by a wonderfully compassionate man named Scott who had recently lost his beloved Keeshond. Bruno was originally adopted after spending only ten days with Scott but he was returned to rescue a month later when he was diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy – a genetic condition that would render Bruno blind in six to 12 months. Scott welcomed Bruno back into his home and decided to adopt “Brunie” as his own – Scott recognized that he and Brunie had formed a special bond and that they each needed the other at that time in their lives. Scott worked at home and Brunie became his “receptionist,” greeting visitors and clients and sitting on Scott’s lap while he worked at his computer. Brunie was always ready to play ball or was quick to cuddle up next to Scott. Recently Brunie became quite ill with a kidney infection that could not be stopped from progressing despite intensive vet care and medications. When Brunie was no longer interested in getting up nor playing ball, Scott knew that in spite of Brunie’s bravery, it was time to let Brunie go and release him from his suffering. Scott shared these fond memories of Brunie with us:

Even though I wasn’t looking for another dog, Bruno came into my life in June of 2005 at a time when he needed a Foster Home while the Boston Buddies rescue group tried to find him a permanent home. About 10 days after I got him I thought we had found him a loving family to spend the rest of days with. However, that didn’t work out, and about a month later he came back to me. I found it to be a time Brunie and I both really needed each other so I adopted him to be my own. He and I had a fabulous and adventurous 2 1/2 years together. I will get my comfort in knowing he won’t be in pain anymore and can play B-A-L-L 24/7 (I had to spell it out because he’s sitting here on my lap!). Maybe he’ll even be able to SEE the ball while he’s playing in doggie heaven! I’ll always have my fond memories of going to the beach with him to chase sticks or “dig to China”, wine-tasting in Paso Robles and Santa Ynez as he became the star of the tasting rooms, traveling the state together to see friends and family, playing “ball” for hours in the backyard and/or Entryway Hall, and just cuddling on the couch and/or bed. And, thanks to the wonderful portrait of Brunie that Kim, my sister-in-law, painted for me, I will have a constant reminder of this special dog.

Thank you for your prayers of love, sincere concern for his recovery, and compassionate emails and phone calls. Brunie was truly a gift from God. Letting him go was very hard but the right thing at the right time. When Brunie went to the Vet’s Office for the last time, he couldn’t even walk. As I carried him and set him on the table, he clutched my arm. He didn’t just lay his paws across me; he clutched me as if to say “It’s ‘okay’ “, “It’s time so, Scotty, don’t blame yourself for this”, and “Thank you for our adventures together”. Even as his lifeless body lay there on the table, he was still grasping hold of me.

All of us at Boston Buddies extend our deepest sympathy to Scott in this time of sorrow and we share these words of hope and comfort from Kathy, one of our devoted charter members: Bruno was a beautiful boy who will take all the love he and Scott shared with him on his journey beyond the Bridge where, when he’s not busy playing ball, he’ll be basking pain-free in a Sun more gorgeous than we can imagine. His spirit will live with his beloved master in heart and mind forever, and maybe one day, on earth, Bruno will send another little Boston boy who is not quite, but just enough like Bruno to fill an empty spot in Scott’s life.

We will light a candle and say a prayer that Scott will find peace knowing he did the right thing, and that it will help light Bruno’s way to his new life at Rainbow Bridge.

Chance – December 2007

At the point in his life when he should have been enjoying time on the couch in front of the fire with the master he had loved and cherished his entire life, for reasons unknown to us, 11 year old Chance found himself sitting in a shelter up in Northern California. When he arrived at the shelter Chance was suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues and had two collapsed disks in his spine that had been left untreated. It is horrible to think that the person that Chance had devoted his entire life to could leave him sitting alone in a shelter to die. Even though Chance was located up in Northern California Boston Buddies volunteered to take him into rescue and provide him with a chance to recover and find a forever home with someone who would give him the love he deserved. Sadly that was not to be. Although Chance was seen by several specialists and provided for by several caring rescuers after he was taken out of the shelter, Chance was not able to recover from his several ailments. Two days after Christmas Chance was sent on his journey across the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by the love of his foster mom and another big hearted rescue volunteer. Chance touched so many lives in the few weeks he was in rescue. There are many hearts hurting and tears fallen for him and the sorry plight he was left in by an owner that no longer cared what happened to their faithful companion.

Rocky – November 2007

Rocky was only 9 years old when he came to Boston Buddies earlier this year after an apparent reaction to routine vaccines caused him to suddenly go blind. Rocky, who had been with sight his whole life, found himself struggling with everyday doggy duties due to his vision loss and his elderly owner could no longer care for him. The extended family asked Boston Buddies to take Rocky into rescue and find him a new home that would be able to deal with his blindness. Boston Buddies was not ready to concede that Rocky’s blindness was permanent so we took him to our ophthalmologist for extensive testing and then to the neurologist for an MRI to try to determine what had caused the blindness and to hopefully find a potential cure. Sadly, none of the attempted treatments restored Rocky’s vision.

But don’t feel sad for Rocky – he was taken in by one of Boston Buddies most special foster families who loved and spoiled Rocky each and every day. As time went on Rocky adjusted to his blindness and he truly lived each day to the fullest. Rocky was doted on and taken on all sorts of adventures by his foster family. He even had his own pages on Dogster and My Space where his foster mom chronicled his good times and shared photos of his life with the world! Rocky had many fans and followers who visited his pages often for a quick pick me up or whenever we needed a smile! Rocky loved his walks, playing with his Kong or squeaky steak toy, rolling around on the grass and cuddling with his foster mom and dad. But most of all, Rocky loved having his butt scratched! The faces he would make when his foster mom and dad would give him a good scratch were priceless!

Then in the blink of an eye everything changed. Rocky started having seizures that were resistant to control. After spending the weekend at the emergency vet his foster family rushed Rocky down to the neurologist for an MRI. To everyone’s dismay the MRI showed multiple lesions on Rocky’s brain. With heavy hearts, many tears and much love we sent Rocky on his journey over the Bridge where we know he has regained his sight and is running around with his squeaky toy and enjoying unending butt scratches!

Rocky was a special boy destined to find special people to live the rest of his life with – and he found them in Lili and Wes. Boston Buddies will be forever grateful for the love, care, tenderness and warmth that Lili and Wes showed Rocky while he was part of their lives.


Rocky is the inspiration for Boston Buddies’ holiday card this year. We consider it a special tribute to a special dog.

Sweet dreams little Rock star!

Sparky – October 2007

Sparky came to Boston Buddies in 2005 when he was ten years old. Sparky was a darling little man who knew how to shake a paw with the best of them. He was adopted by a wonderful lady who has a home filled with senior and special needs Bostons. Here is what she had to say about Sparky: Sparky was an exceptional dog in every way. Usually even the best dog has something, one trait, you would like to change but not Sparky. He was absolutely perfect. I really did not think I was ready for him when you brought him over; it was too soon after Buster. I would never have imagined that I would bond with him the way I did. But he really became my best friend. Thank you so much for the perfect gentleman.All of us whose lives were touched by Sparky will remember him with fondness. He was truly the Boston Gentleman!

Quincy – September 2007

When Colleen first brought you to me, she & I were both pretty sure that you were a goner. So thin, so frail. That first night you hopped right into your little bed and curled up. I tucked you in with a soft blankie and told you that I would take care of you. You looked up at me and sighed. You had a faraway look in your eyes…

You surprised us in those first few weeks! We went to Dr Dave & he fixed you up with some meds. They made you feel better, but we still had some adjustments, you sure were a poopy peeing machine, remember? It took quite a while for your tummy to adjust. Colleen even brought us some doggie diapers, how embarrassing. After the meds kicked in, we started walking, you & I. Just short walks to begin with, then longer & longer & LONGER! We started walking hills, going down to the beach, walking to the park, you never tired. You just wanted to run run run. And the car rides! Oh boy, you sure loved them. I’ll never forget the first time we went to Taco Bell, you could not BELIEVE that such a thing as Drive-Thrus existed. The bestest thing in the whole wide world, right, Q? I had to leave you alone on Sundays when I worked, I know it was a long day for you, but you knew that when I came home I would be carrying a paper bag with a plain chicken taco or a plain Carl’s burger for my boy. You went absolutely CRAZY! Way too cute… You stayed with Judy when I had to leave on vacation. She was awesome, there were other dogs there plus she took you to her office! Kewlness! Judy kindly emailed me about you, of course I was hungry for any details about my boy. When she said “sometimes he gets a faraway look in his eyes” I knew exactly what she meant. And I realized that I hadn’t seen that faraway look in your eyes for many months. I knew then that we were meant to be together. That was about 6 months ago, when you returned, we settled once again into our routine, late nights & long sleep-ins in the mornings, many many walks & adventures. Now just exactly how many times did we play the “Where is your cookie?” hiding game in the middle of the night? We woke Liz up more than a few times with both of us racing around & you barking in the middle of the night. SO cute & so much fun! What a couple of nuts! Then all of a sudden you went bad. Your vision & hearing were gone, & you were in pain. It was a big ordeal for you to get off the big bed at night for your many potty breaks, then when you finally got off you hated the steps to go outside, they were scary, you couldn’t see. And I couldn’t pick you up ‘cause your poor tummy hurt so bad. We had a terrible couple of weeks. Colleen finally slapped some sense into me, she knew that I couldn’t make a decision. You know what happened next, you went to the vet a few times, but even the pain pills couldn’t make it better. Finally we went for our last visit, I had to wrap you up in a towel to get you in & out of the car. And that black asphalt scared you so much, it must have seemed like a big black hole to you. I’m sorry, my boy. The tech carried you in to the examining room in a soft blankie, your favorite. Dr. Dave asked me if I was sure, I sobbed out yes, & he gave you the shot. Oh Quinny, your little face just relaxed, finally pain-free. I know that you know that you were surrounded by people who loved you . Everybody asks about you, boyo! Tony, the old neighborhood gardener (85 years old & still mowing lawns) can’t believe you’re gone. Remember, he is the one who always said “why don’t you put him on a skateboard, he can tow you!” And that little boy down the street who always asked “can I pet him?” And Lucky, that tabby-cat down the street I’m sure is waiting for you to walk by with a kiss. Also Linda next door totally broke down when I said you had gone, she was sobbing away, I had to comfort HER! She loved you… And Auntie Janet on the next block who always gave you a biscuit, well, she’s upset too. We made a lot of friends, didn’t we, Little Q? Thank you, little boy, for giving me so much. We had issues & you did complicate my life, but I adored you & I will miss you always. Now I too have that faraway look in my eyes…. Love from Mummy P.S, your ashes are on the table by the window, sunlight streaming in. I put your little crown charm & pic on top, you will always mean the world to me, you know. I sure loved you. I look forward to seeing you again!

Howard – September 2007

Howard, a nine year old Pug, came to Boston Buddies with his companion Samantha, a nine year old Boston terrier, in July of 2007. A new mom and a new baby had brought many changes to their lives and they were not doing well living outdoors. Their original owner made the decision to give them up to Boston Buddies in the hopes we could find them a new forever home together where they would be allowed to be part of the family again and snuggle on the furniture with full run of the house. Howard was not in good health when he came to Boston Buddies, weighing only 12 pounds. His owner had taken him to the vet and the diagnosis they received was IBS brought on by stress from being segregated from the family life he had known. Howard and Samantha were taken in by a wonderful foster family who have had Bostons for over 40 years and have cared for many Boston Buddies. Howard had good days and bad days – on good days he was a fun loving guy who always wanted to be in your lap. On bad days he would become lethargic and have bouts of explosive, mucousy and bloody diarrhea. We had all sorts of tests (blood, fecal, pancreatic) run on Howard trying to discern the cause of his distress – we even had an ultrasound and an endoscopic biopsy of his stomach and intestines done. The biopsy revealed that Howard had atrophied cells in his large intestine and post parvo virus bacteria in his small intestine. The good news was that we had a diagnosis and it was by all accounts treatable and survivable. He was put on medication and he started doing much better. Howard’s foster family always had the kids and grandkids over on Sunday afternoons for lunch after church and on Sunday, September 9, one of the grandkids observed the usual chaos of kids and dogs running around and commented on how happy Howard was. Grandpa heard the comment and said “We celebrate the good days because we don’t know what tomorrow holds.” The next day Howard seemed to be having another good day, dancing in the kitchen for treats with the rest of the dogs and taking an afternoon nap – but later that afternoon Howard crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Howard’s extended foster family grieved his loss, but also found comfort in the fact that he knew happiness and love while he was with them and they are honored to have shared his last weeks with him. Howard will always be remembered by all of us at Boston Buddies – he was an honorary Boston gentleman of the highest order!

Princess – September 2007

Princess was a sweet 12 year old girl who came into the shelter in September 2007 as a stray. Boston Buddies went to the shelter the day she came in but we were told that Princess had to stay there for the required number of days for her family to reclaim her. Sadly, no one came looking for Princess as she sat all alone in the cold shelter cage wondering where her family was. Boston Buddies adopted her out of the shelter the first day we were allowed to do so. No one knew her name but we called her Princess. When our volunteer first met Princess she noticed the distended belly and sad look in her eyes – she knew something was wrong. Princess had a fresh scar from some recent surgery and had had all of her mammary glands removed. Even in this condition Princess was a sweet, friendly girl who was so thankful that someone was showing her kindness. We took Princess to the vet where she was examined and x-rayed and our worst fears were confirmed. Princess’ body was full of cancerous tumors and her heart was failing. Princess was shaking from the pain of the tumors surrounding all her organs. We put her on pain medication to reduce her discomfort, gave her a warm bath and Rachael took her home with her for one last night of love and comfort. Princess had a nice evening with Rachael and her family eating a warm meal and spending the evening nuzzling and sucking on a new plush toy. She snuggled with Rachael all night in a comfy bed. In the morning Rachael took her for one last walk and then took her to the vet and sent her over the bridge. This is the saddest part of rescue. We are forever thankful to our volunteers who time and again make sure that these abandoned souls do not leave this world alone and frightened. Please light a candle for Princess and give your own sweet dogs a hug in her memory.

Buster – August 2007

God brought Buster to me on January 30 as a foster. I had been very reluctant to foster as I knew it would be too hard to release a dog to someone else. But this guy needed some temporary help, so I reluctantly said yes. I told myself not to get attached, because he would be leaving to another house. That lasted about three minutes. I picked up this very sad, deaf, skin and bones boy from a shelter up north. He had just had several tumors removed and one more to go. After a rough start (he ran away the first day) he settled down and started to eat and play.

Buster did not seem to know love or affection. I would pick him up and he would push and turn away. He rarely looked at anyone. And hated to have his picture taken. But as time went by, all that melted away. After a couple weeks he would reach up and take my hand in his mouth as a greeting. A very strong bond had been formed and my Buster and I were mates. The day he kissed me for the first time, I told Colleen that he would live the rest of his days with me and that I would not give him up.

He rarely ever spoke, but he had a big smile on his big round face. Buster became such a happy man. He loved his big friends so much. He would get into their beds and lick and stare at them. They would growl and growl at him, but since he couldn’t hear he just kept looking at them and eventually they gave up and let him love them. Buster did what he wanted to do and no one could stop him. He was obedient and had lovely manners and could not hear a thing. So there was a great deal of arm waving to call him!!!

My Buster didn’t know love the first part of his life but he sure knew it during the last part. He warmed up to everyone that visited and everyone loved him. The other day, the gate was wide open, so I waved to him from the end of the driveway trying to get him to come. He stared at me and I knew he had no plans of leaving his home. He had come a long way in a short time. He was home forever. When his last tumor removed, I was told that all the tumors were two different kind of cancer and that it would come back and he maybe had one and a half years. It came back voraciously. I noticed a BB-sized bump on his thigh one month ago. Two weeks ago it was the size of a pea. I went on vacation and came home last friday and it was the size of a quarter. Three days later it had grown to a half dollar size and his belly was covered from the last rib to his rectum with a mass of tumors ranging from dime to quarter size in less than five days.

I took him in for emergency surgery on Friday. The doctor called and after a tearful conversation I knew he was not coming home. I went to spend my last moments with my little man. As I held this happy loving doll he kissed me several times and peacefully slid off to sleep. Buster was with me seven months and one day. During that time he brought a great deal of love to me and my family. He did not hear my words but he knew what I was saying. Buster knew he was loved. Buster is now hearing the wind, running and playing with Bosley and hearing his own beautiful voice. He left a happy man and will be happy forever.

God bless you Boston Buddies for allowing me to have two lovely senior, men in my life. My life will never be the same.

Thank you for my Buster, he is sadly missed.
With deep love and tears, Patti

Davey – July 2007

The day after Molly crossed the Bridge, Boston Buddies saw an online shelter photo of an old crippled Boston who had come into the shelter in very bad shape. We immediately contacted the shelter and were told that this boy was in extremely poor condition with a possible spinal injury and ulcerated eye. The shelter asked Boston Buddies to take this boy in, again on a foster basis. Kathy raced over to the shelter and picked him up. Kathy named him Davey. Davey’s eyes were clouded by pain and sadness and he winced at being touched. During the drive to our vet Kathy spoke soft words of kindness to Davey. X-rays revealed that Davey had suffered severe spinal damage with six severed disks that had developed scar tissue causing paralysis. He was also suffering from an ulcerated eye, an old injury that had not been treated. The vet indicated that Davey had been in severe pain for some time. We consulted with our orthopedic surgeon who told us that surgery would be difficult and stressful on Davey’s emaciated body and the chance for success was slim. Drugs could not mask the pain that Davey was suffering. Rachael had left work but drove back to spend some time with Davey. Rachael made a soft nest of blankets on the floor for Davey to rest in – it was too painful for him to be held or petted. Rachael gave him a few bites of food, but sadness engulfed Davey and he could not stand or raise his head. We knew it was Davey’s time to cross over and Rachael lay down on the floor next to Davey offering soothing words of love as he was relieved of his pain and sad life. Unlike most of the Boston Buddies dogs, neither Davey nor Molly had a second chance at finding a loving forever home. But they both knew the deep love and caring that all of us who rescue and adopt feel for these special dogs. Please light a candle for Davey and remember his brave spirit.

Molly – July 2007

On July 16, 2007, Boston Buddies received a call from a volunteer at the shelter asking if we would take in a sick female Boston on a foster basis. The shelter thought the dog, who had come in as a stray, was pregnant and in light of the fact that she was failing they asked for rescue to take her. Rachael left work and drove to the shelter and took the little girl she named Molly to our vet. Molly was unable to stand and was having trouble breathing. X-rays revealed that Molly was not pregnant, but instead her body was engorged by tumors on her lung, spleen and kidneys. Our veterinarian recommended that an ultrasound be performed to determine the extent of the tumors and whether they could be surgically removed. Sadly, the ultrasound revealed that the tumors had metastasized and the cancer had spread throughout Molly’s body and there was nothing to be done for her. We gave Molly some pain medication to make her comfortable and Rachael took Molly home that night and loved her and fed her special meals of cooked hamburger and treats and snuggled with her in bed. The next morning Rachael tenderly held Molly in her arms as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, no longer in pain and having spent her last earthly moments being loved by Rachael.

GiGi – June 2006


Our adorable little GiGi, alone and covered with sores all over her body was abandoned at the Orange County Shelter. Thanks to the loving people at Boston Buddies she was rescued, given prompt medical care, and placed with loving foster parents who showered her with love and affection.. Within a month GiGi was healed and ready for a new forever home. I believe God works in mysterious ways and we were guided to ” Boston Buddies Rescue” web site. The sight of all those wonderful homeless, helpless little ones moved us. We sent an adoption application that very night and on April 10, 2005 we met GiGi. We fell in love with her immediately. She was so sweet and loving you couldn’t help but love her. GiGi helped us improve our health by taking us for long morning and evening walks. She also liked to ride in the car and was a great camper. All our family and friends fell in love with her immediately. . In September ’05 we discovered she had heart problems and was put on medication. For a while that seemed to work well. Then in May 2006 she had a seizure that left her very weak, unable to walk and unwilling to eat. On June 6, 2006 I held her in my arms and with tears in my eyes I watched her quietly cross over the Rainbow Bridge where she will run and play with friends of her own kind until we meet again. Even though she was with us for only a very short time we loved her dearly and miss her every day

In Memory of our Beloved GiGi
She was with us for such a very short while,
With her loving ways she made our hearts smile
Always beside us morning and night,
She was a comfort and a delight.
Now God has called her to a better home
But she’ll be waiting there to greet us
When He calls us too, to Come.

Sugar Ray – June 2006

Spunky senior Sugar Ray was found wandering lost, blind and unable to find his way back home. Sadly, no one came for him at the shelter and so we took him in. Ray always gave the sweetest little kisses and loved to fluff his blanket around and around until it was just right before laying down. He may have been blind but he always found the most comfortable spots in the house with no problem and if there was a warm lap anywhere nearby, you could bet he would be in it. It was no surprise that he found his way into our hearts as easily as our laps. He only lived with his foster family for a short time before his time came to cross the bridge, but he charmed everyone who met him and made every day brighter with his sweet personality. We’ll always remember and love you, Sugar Ray.

Mia Rose – April 2006

Mia Rose

Mia Rose came to us two years ago from Boston Buddies. She had been through alot. Mia had a double hernia, someone had really abused her and she was emaciated. We saw her picture in the shelter in Orange County and we fell in love! We picked her up on Valentines Day which we designated her birthday! She gave us two wonderful years of love and companionship. She loved back yard BBQ’s and people. Her favorite place was on Daddy’s lap. She will be missed and we are sure she is playing ball with other Bostons in a special place. From her loving parents, Philip and Candy, we will miss you!


Argus – March 2006


Argus came to us from Boston Buddies in July 2005 along with his younger buddy Rascal (now Razz). Argus was 15 years young with the spirit of a General and a heart as big as the whole outdoors. Argus & Razz settled into our home along with our other two; a 13 year old pug, Otto & 9 year old Japanese Chin, Bonsai within hours of arriving after the long drive from Southern California to San Jose, CA. Argus was a strong old man who insisted on his walks, always knew what he wanted and would look at us with his “General Attitude” and “Master & Commander Bark” until we figured it out for ourselves. He loved the dog park where he would walk the perimeter ensuring safety for all the “puppies” playing inside. He greeted us every day with his dignified and insistent presence but in the evening and at night, the softie would come out. He’d spend time with Dad on the couch, under the blankets of course, watching TV, only later to sneak into bed with Mom, slip right under the covers, head on the pillow next to mine, snoring quietly happy as could be. Over the winter we had many fires in the fireplace and Argus loved to lie stretched out warm and toasty. We knew when Argus came to us he would be with us only a short time, but 7 months was too soon to lose your wonderful soul. Argus found a special place in our home and in our hearts and will forever be our Little General.

Mr. Brown – November 2005

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown came into rescue at the tender age of 10 weeks old. He came to us with parvo and coccidia. But Mr. Brown was a little fighter and after several weeks of living in isolation at the vet he was able to come home and given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately it was soon discovered that he had another problem, he had a non functional sphincter and no mobility. He was unable to go to the bathroom on his own. Boston Buddies kindly took him to several vets and a neurologist and we all prayed that there was something that could be done to help him. Sadly all the vets agreed that there was nothing they could do. I had the pleasure of fostering Mr. Brown and I loved him dearly. He was my spunky little man and he fought so hard. Harder that any dog should ever have to. He was in pain but always happy to see me. Always more worried about licking my face, making me laugh, cuddling next to me, playing with my dogs, being my shadow, and most importantly brightening up my life with his presence.. His final day came on November 4, 2005 and in my arms he crossed the bridge. He is missed terribly and he will never be forgotten. I love you Mr. Brown. Rachael

Edith – November 2005


Edith was a sweet girl who came to Boston Buddies in her final days. She was originally rescued by a group who rescues Rotti’s and Pit’s. While in their care they removed two cancerous tumors from her face and once recovered, Boston Buddies helped facilitate the adoption of Edith to a Boston Buddies adopter. Edith filled a void in her new mother’s life and gave her lots of love. Unfortunately just a month after her adoption Edith became very ill and on a Sunday night I rushed her to the emergency vet where it was quickly determined that she was in right heart failure. After a couple of days of trying everything possible it was determined that she had reached her end and it was her time to cross the bridge. On October 26, 2005 Edith crossed the bridge in my arms. In the short time she was in our care is became loved by many. She loved lying in the sun and laying on her back for belly rubs. You are missed and loved Edith! Rachael

Scooby – November 2005


Scooby was found as a stray and ended up at the Downey City Shelter, SEAACA. Betty, a kind-hearted and loving rescuer, picked him up and said he was the most neglected dog she had ever seen. Although Scooby was a very senior brindle and white Boston, he appeared to be completely black – black from soot, grease, grime and life on the streets. He had horrible skin and was bald in areas, he had lacerated eyes and a constant stream of green slime running from his nose. He was incredibly thin – scarecrow like, really – and walked with a definite tilt. He was taken directly to Dr. Birr’s office and fed, watered, bathed – twice – given a thorough exam and all medications necessary. Vickie, Dr. Birr’s amazing nurse, treated Scooby as her own, attempting to stimulate him physically with ear rubs, tummy rubs and back rubs. She also kept him with her in the office, attempting to engage Scooby in play in an effort to stimulate his mind and desire to socialize. Then I met Scooby – once he was healthy enough to be around my two girls, Nikita (my Boston) and Peggy (my Pug) he came home with us. At first he appeared quite curious about his new surroundings, inspecting everything, and of course, marking wherever he deemed necessary. He joined us on my bed surrounded by down pillows and thick, soft down comforters. Frankly, I even put a down comforter in his kennel – he deserved it!!! Unfortunately, about a week after he came home he developed a serious case of kennel cough and had to return to Dr. Birr’s office. Scooby became sicker and sicker by the day, refusing to eat, refusing to drink and having to be forced to do everything. It was finally decided that Scooby’s quality of life was non-existent and that he wanted to move on. So, for one last night, I brought Scooby home, I put him on the bed with me and the girls for some TV time and a good night’s sleep on the down pillows and comforters. The next day, my 18-year old son, Cory, bravely took Scooby back to Dr. Birr’s office where Vickie held Scooby in her lap as he went on to the Bridge. Although we knew Scooby for a very short period of time, I am deeply saddened by the life he experienced at the hands of other humans on this planet, but my spirit is buoyed by the fact that we were able to provide him with love, food, care and as much comfort – and comforters – as possible during his last weeks here. I can only hope he went to the Rainbow Bridge knowing that he was loved, if only for a short period time, and that he will be in my heart, always.

Misty – November 2005

Misty came to Boston Buddies in April of 2005 at the tender age of 12. One of her owners had developed Alzheimer’s and the family was moving to a place that would not allow Misty to come along. Misty was a sweet little girl of only 14 lbs. with one brown and one blue eye. She was so delicate and dainty. Her foster mom fell in love with her and decided she could not let her go so she adopted her. Misty had a wonderful life with her new boston sister, Maggie May (another Boston Buddy rescue dog). The girls would snooze and snuggle during the day and keep close to their mom at night – they were the “Three Ms – Misty, Maggie and Mom.” Misty loved her treats. Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 2, 2005. Her mom and Maggie May miss her terribly, but feel blessed to have known her love.

Wilbur – October 2004


Our boy Wilbur came to us in December 2000. After suffering the loss of our Mr. Friday, who passed away at the age of 14, we felt that we needed to rescue a boston terrier in his memory. Searching the internet we found 3 year old Wilbur living with his foster mom Nancy in Atlanta. We flew out there and brought him back to Redondo Beach to live with us. Wilbur was a special boy who was very particular about who he hung out with or who we hung out with. He didn’t care for strangers or other animals, but he loved his mom and dad. When Wilbur discovered car rides to the beach and the park, he refused to walk in the neighborhood, instead stubbornly standing by the car door until we relented and took him for a ride. He loved to play ball and bark at the pool water and give us lots of kisses. Wilbur passed away at the young age of 7 on October 29, 2004 of hemangiosarcoma. His pictures adorn our home and we think of him often. Wilbur, we look forward to seeing you again!
We miss and love you.
Your mom and dad, Colleen and Eric

Dolly – August 2005


Dolly came to us at the age of 10. Her owner went into the hospital and Dolly was taken to the pound with her little brother. After sitting there until it was decided her owner would not be able to care for her, Dolly went to live with Ann who loved and cared for her until she passed away in August. Ann said “Dolly loved so much she wore her heart out.” Your sweet face will be missed Dolly.


Joe was the biggest sweetie you could imagine. He was the cutest boy and would snuggle up with us like a baby. He enjoyed his nightly “cuddle time”. Mellow and gentle, he was great with my kids, our other dog and everyone. He tolerated sleeping in princess beds,& being dressed up by my daughter and even watching hours of cartoons in bed with my son on Saturday mornings. Joe was with us for far too short of a time. One day three months ago, while exiting the shelter, paying license fees for our current dog, Joe was being brought into the shelter. He never made it into the shelter, I took him home. Joe was diagnosed with advanced mast cell cancer a week after he was with us. This could have been prevented if his previous owner would have had him neutered. The vet gave him a month to live. He lived for close to three months, and we were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to care for him. He became my shadow. He loved his walks and loved to eat. When Joe first came to us, we thought how can we sleep with all this snoring? Now we don’t know how we will sleep without it. This was our first experience with a Boston….it certainly wont be the last. My brave, Joe Bird, I love you and will never forget you, we will see you over the rainbow bridge.
The Rhee family

Bosco came to Boston Buddies when his owner was unable to devote the time to him that he deserved. Bosco was placed with a family who had previously adopted Vinnie, another Boston Buddies dog . Bosco led a happy life with his family – even after he started having seizures. His family kept the seizures in check with regular medications and Bosco spent his days lounging and playing with Vinnie and his new boston sister, Matilda (another rescue). Sadly, Bosco crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2005 after developing a brain tumor that caused him to become paralyzed. His family went to great lengths trying to help Bosco overcome yet one more obstacle in his life – rushing him to specialists in San Diego – but it was not to be. Bosco touched many hearts and lives during his time with us and he will always be remembered.

Max- January 2005


Max was already 15 when he was abandoned in the South Central shelter. Suffering from kidney failure, we all knew Max was not going to be with us long. But, rather than feeling sad for this poor old guy, we just worked to make him comfy and happy until his time came to cross the bridge. Max, also known as the Boston Gourmet, would eat only people food like fresh cooked chicken and deli turkey. He loved walks and snuggling on your lap all the time. He crossed the bridge on the very same day as Judy Jolly, who had been one of the volunteers who gave love and care to this lonely and abandoned senior. We like to imagine that he chose that day to go because he wanted to be sure that Judy had a little Boston guide to help her find her way.
We’ll never forget you, Mr Max.

Sassy – January 2005

We were forever blessed when Sassy came into our lives. Full of life, love and companionship, Sassy never left our side. Always happy and adorable, she brought so much light and warmth to our home. For the short time she was with us, she would brighten even our gloomiest of days. We cannot express in words how much we will miss her. God willing, we will see her again. You were so loved and will be so missed…our Sassy-dog



Winston was one of the first dogs to come to Boston Buddies as our group was formed. A big love of a boy, he had a splash-face that no one could help but fall in love with, and that is precisely what happened with his foster mom —one night was all it took for this big, silly casanova and she was gone…. hook, line and sinker. Winston never left her home and he spent 2 and 1/2 years enjoying his life with his BT sisters, Penny and Sugar, and his cat buddy, Shadow, as well. Sue, his mom, described Winston best… “Winston was not an affectionate dog, but he was my velcro dog, and I know how much he loved me and he knew how much I loved him. He would occasionally tolerate my giving him a big hug and smooch….and I could almost hear him saying….. “Golly Mom, you’re embarrassing me……..!” Winston’s easy-going and friendly personality made him a favorite at many dog events that our group attended, and in fact, it was while he was serving as our “ambassador” for the day at an event in San Diego that this picture was taken, featuring Winston gently kissing a little BT puppy. Winston in his leather cap making friends…..he was really great at that and will be so missed. Thank you for being such a great ambassador Winston, and for just being the big, sweet and loving boy that you were.

Milton – June 2004


After 10 years of neglect and loneliness in a cold concrete yard, Milton was dumped in a shelter like an old sofa no one wanted. While those hard years took their toll on his little body, they could not crush his cheerful spirit. This sweet and gentle boy had nothing but love for everyone he met. He seemed so amazed at every treat, every belly rub, as if he could not believe his sudden good fortune. Sadly, shortly after his adoption, Milton’s old heart started to give out. He crossed over the bridge in the arms of his foster mom. While he was with us only for a few months, Milton’s goofy BT smile and happy disposition will never be forgotten by the people who’s lives he touched. We love you, Uncle Milty

Phoebe – January 2004

Phoebe came to us as an older girl who needed surgery for mammary tumors and spay. Once that was done she went into several foster homes, but just did not seem settled. She was a very sweet girl, but did not show any interest in playing, and wanted all the other dogs to leave her alone to snooze in the sun. Phoebe finally went to a foster home with a lovely family and seem to enjoy the sunshine in their garden and the extra love and attention she recieved there. Sadly, not long after arriving at this home another tumor was discovered on her leg. The diagnosis was bad, quickly advancing cancer which could not be treated. Wanting to make her few remaining weeks the best they could be she was placed on pain medication. This helped Pheobe tremendously and she spent her last several weeks running with her two new “sister” Boston along the fence, sunbathing, and getting lots of extra love and care. Phoebe’s last weeks were the best her foster mom could make them, and although Pheobe almost seemed to know her end was near, she frolicked and sunbathed with a sense of peace she had not shown since coming into our care. Phoebe went to the bridge enveloped in the love of a wonderful foster mom and we are sure she will be waiting there for her.

Little Miss Britches – May 2003Little Miss Britches

Sugar Britches came to us when we recieved a call that a puppy had been abandoned at a vet’s office. She had been left in a shoebox and was about 3 months old. Poor Britches had no use of her legs and had to be hand fed and watered. A specialist evaluated her and felt she had most likely been exposed to the Parvo virus while in her mother’s uterus. Unfortunately this left Britches with a type of brain damage which caused her to loose all balance, coordination, and use of her limbs, but mentally was as alert and cognitive as any other dog. Poor little Britches would panic when not held close, and so spent her week in our care tucked safely in her foster mom’s shirt where she loved to give puppy kisses and snuggle into a neck. Britches wanted so desperately to run and play and would bark with great gusto when she watched the other doggies run and play tug of war. To live a life lying and watching from the sidelines, and fearful of any movement, and to not be able to eat or drink when hungry or thirsty was not what this baby deserved.Britches was taken to the Rainbow Bridge snuggled into her foster mom’s neck, where she was happiest, leaving with fresh puppy smell and puppy kisses. The most difficult gift to give Britches was the one that was right — to let her run and jump and play as she so wanted to do. She was here for such a very short time, but the love she left with us is timeless.

Waldo – March 2003Waldo

Waldo entered our care after remaining at a shelter for over a month. Waldo was certainly not the spryest, or cutest of BTs, but was certainly a lovebug and wanted nothing from life except a good belly rub and a kind touch. He was estimated to be around 10, and in very bad shape. After coming into our care he was diagnosed with Cushings. He was placed for a short while with a loving family, but their BT was just too playful and rambunctious for poor old Waldo. So we welcomed him back into our foster care. Waldo became ill with a respiratory infection, which he just could not shake. He went to the rainbow bridge with quiet, loving dignity, laying across his foster mom’s lap for a last snuggle. Waldo didn’t need much from life, just some love and affection. Waldo gave immensly during his life and we miss him.



Malcolm was an owner surrender. His owner decided that she did not have time for him anymore. He was 5 years old and still had plenty of years left in him. His previous owner informed us that he had a thyroid problem and she gave us medication that she had gotten over the internet from Canada. She failed to give us his medical records. We later found out why. Malcolm was the sweetest boy and was soon placed in loving home. Shortly after his adoption Malcolm became very ill. Malcolm died in the night at the vets office. It was later determined that he had Cushing’s and the medication he was on was for this disease. Malcolm overdosed on his medication. His previous owner failed to notify us of the Cushing’s and lied about his medication. Malcolm didn’t have to die. Cushing’s is a treatable disease and he should have lived for another 8 or more years.


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