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Is A Rescue Dog Right For You?

By adopting a rescue dog instead of buying a breeder or pet store dog you are providing a new opportunity to a dog that lost out on his first chance at a happy forever life. We thank you for being interested enough in a rescue dog to visit our website. But we want you to be aware that adopting a rescue dog is a lifetime commitment.


If you aren’t prepared to work with your rescue dog through the adjustment period and beyond, please read no further. If you aren’t prepared to provide your dog with regular medical care and nurse your dog back to health if he or she gets ill or needs surgery, please read no further. If you won’t keep your dog if you move or as your family grows, please read no further. If you really care what color a dog’s coat is, how much it weighs or what gender it is, and won’t accept anything but exactly what you want, then a rescue dog may not be for you. You do not “order” a rescue dog to meet your exact specifications – instead, you invite a rescue dog into your life because you have a special kind of love and compassion that you are willing to share with an animal that is in need.


A rescue dog is different from a breeder or pet store dog in several ways. A rescue dog will most likely be older as there are few dogs rescued as puppies. Most rescue dogs are adolescents or middle aged dogs, but even the senior rescue dogs have a lifetime of love to give. A rescue dog may be a bit more cautious than a dog who has not been abandoned or abused. A rescue dog may need time to grieve the loss of the family who rejected him for reasons unknown to him. It may take him some time to be interested in food, play or his environment.


Rescue dogs have been through so much – dumped in shelters, found roaming the streets, abandoned, neglected, starved and possibly physically abused. They need time, patience, understanding and love in order to succeed in their new homes. Sometimes it may take several weeks or months for a rescue dog to make the adjustment to your home and family. If you aren’t 100% committed to making this work with your new dog, then please don’t adopt. There is nothing worse for a rescue dog than to be rejected by his new adoptive family after only a few days or weeks.


But ask any adopter of a rescue dog who has been through the adjustment period and they will tell you that the love and loyalty they receive in return for their commitment is more than worth their time and effort. A rescue dog can make the best pet you’ve ever had. Having been rejected, abused or neglected in his first life, a rescue dog truly appreciates his new family and will reward you with unending love and loyalty. No dog is perfect….just like no human is perfect. Please don’t expect too much too soon from your new dog. We want every adoption to be a successful one. We don’t want any of our rescue dogs to experience even one more minute of hunger, discomfort or pain. That’s why we are here to answer questions before and after each adoption, but we can’t do it without your commitment.

Help these cute guys


Boston Buddies, Inc. is funded by your generous donations, our modest fundraisers, and in many instances from our members’ own personal funds. Many of our rescue dogs require extensive medical care and surgeries. Should you wish to help us with our efforts we appreciate donations in any amount.

All donations are tax deductible — we are a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation — and will help one more sick and homeless Boston find his/her way into a wonderful forever home.

Since our inception, we are honored to have assisted over 2000 dogs in their time of need and we strive to continue with this important work.

We thank you for your support!

Donations may be made via PayPal, or via US Mail.

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